2018 Fall Recap: Class of 2021

Overall Record of teams with 2021’s on the roster (blended teams always play in older bracket):  12-15-5

Overall Record of team comprised entirely of 2021’s:  4-3-2

Fighting Clams 2021 at Mayflower (1-2)

Fighting Clams 2020/2021 Umass (1-1-1)

Fighting Clams 2021/2022 Umass (1-2)

Fighting Clams 2021 NALA (1-1-1)

Clams 2020/2021 AFC Harvard

Clams 2020/2021 NFC Harvard

Clams 2021/2022 Harvard

Fighting Clams 2021 (2-0-1 Bracket Champs)

Fighting Clams 2021 (2-0-1) Philly Showcase

Players identified for excellence at multiple events by either Clams coaches, college coaches, or both:

Jon Cayer(Arlington HS) – Jon started off hot this fall with a team-leading 5 points at the Mayflower Invitational and didn’t cool off much after that. The most prolific feeder on our national teams (he had a team-leading 7 total assists this fall), Jon generally assumes the role of quarterback…when he’s clicking, so too is the team.

Shaun Padden(Xaverian) – Shaun’s decision to reclassify came at the perfect time, as three of our top 2021 middies decided to bump down and become 2022’s, creating a potentially sizeable vacuum at the position. Both literally and figuratively, Shaun filled it, as the huge midfielder led all 2021 middies in scoring with 11 total points.

Jimmy Freehill(St. Sebastian’s) – The always-dynamic Freehill was impressive once again, as he hawked ball carriers all over the field. While he’s clearly established his tenacity to be a given, what impressed coaches even more was, counterintuitively, his restraint. Jimmy’s so good with his takeaway checks that it’s hard for him notto throw them. But sometimes his ability to refrain makes the defense function even better.

Ryan Skripps(Rivers) – Being named Philly Showcase All Star is nothing new to Ryan.  Last summer, he not only made the Philly Showcase individual All Star team but was named as the event’s MVP. So, it was little surprise to hear Ryan’s name reverberate in that overcrowded indoor auditorium in Philly as the announcer was honoring the Fall 2019 All Stars. As he’d done all day, he shined once again in the All-Star game (Coverage of the Event Found HERE) itself, and continued shining right on through the next day’s games for the undefeated 2021 team in Philly.

Graham Brady(Acton-Boxboro HS) – After having missed much of the last summer, as well as our first weekend’s tournaments in November, we were very eager to see Brady in live action. During November weekend #2, he exceeded expectations in what for him was a manageable competitive setting. The next week, in what was meant to be a competitive step up, he didn’t miss a beat, leading his team with 5 assists and 7 points.

Teddy Lisa(Phillips Exeter) – With the aforementioned reclassification of three elite midfielders going from the 2021 to the 2022 class, Teddy was one of two top scorers from last summer set to remain with the ‘21’s. His was a tricky path to navigate. He was asked to remain a prolific, at-times dominant scorer, but also gel with two newly reclassified middies with similar styles. Teddy accomplished both in impressive fashion, tallying 10 total points which was second only to Shaun Padden among ’21 middies. Teddy also displayed an encouraging amount of selflessness in the process. 

Gregg Dennison(Rivers) – Coming off a strong summer, much was expected of Gregg, and he didn’t disappoint. Stylistically different than his teammates Freehill and Keegan Palmer, Gregg is the thickest and strongest, but still moves with deceptive quickness given his frame. And when the ball’s the ground, it’s almost always comes up in his stick.

Dan Addonizio(BB&N) – Dan was solid in his first two tournament this fall, and then blew up in his last one, tying for the team-lead with 4 goals. His strong play at the Philly Showcase also – not surprisingly – coincided with the 2021 team’s most productive offensive tournament, punctuated with an 11-goal outburst against previously unbeaten Patriot squad to end the fall with plenty of momentum.

Pressly Mead(Westford Academy) – Accompanying the other two 6’, 180lb.-plus line mates Padden and Lisa, Pressly may be the most effective of the trio at getting his hands free for a shot. And believe me, his shot comes out of his stick as if it were shot out of a cannon. Once he refines his accuracy and learns to vary his shot placement a bit more effectively, Pressly’s statistical output will substantially increase. As is, he was tied third for the team-lead in both goals scored, and total points at the midfield position.

Keegan Palmer(Central Catholic) – The third in our exceptional trio of starting defensemen has become Keegan Palmer. When he’s in there with Jimmy and Gregg, and especially when we have the Pettito brothers aboard at LSM, they are as intimidating a defensive group as you’re going to find in the 2021 class. Possessing an ever-expanding array of checks and a snapping knack for the ol’ scoop-and-go off the ground, Keegan may be our most adept pole at starting transition.

Luke Curtin(Belmont Hill) – Statistically, Luke was extraordinary this fall, winning more than three-quarters of his draws. As was the case with the class above as well, Luke saw another strong face off man join the club, and as was the case with the older class, he handled it wonderfully. The two appeared to push one another, providing a rising-tides-lifts-all-boats scenario. In addition to being an outstanding technical face off man, Luke’s overall stick skills have improved significantly as well.

Charlie Alfieri(Dover-Sherborn HS) – A true favorite among his coaches at every event he attends, Charlie is a veritable Swiss Army knife of a player, contributing in nearly every way a midfielder can contribute. He’s usually the first middie back in the hole in transition and is just as likely to be the one starting the transition going the other way. And when the offense settles itself down, Charlie is a key ingredient; among all our heavy midfield hammers, Charlie has become the nail holding it all together…our offense has far less form and shape without him.

Emmett Schillinger(St. John’s Prep) – Schillinger is a new defenseman to the program who really had to grind in order to make it because of the incredible defensive strength of our ’21 defensive core. At the first event where I had the chance to watch him, the Harvard Crimson Classic, he brought a ton and energy and toughness to a team that needed some; at his next event the following weekend at Bryant, I was told by coaches that they saw much of the same.

Caleb Chester(Cambridge Rindge & Latin) – Caleb recently decided to switch high schools, going from Proctor in NH down to Cambridge Rindge & Latin. I can tell you right now without an ounce of hesitation that his new program will be overjoyed at the talented player they’ve acquired. Caleb’s high and hard shot resembles that of our other elite 2021 midfielders. Going into the fall, we thought there was some separation between Caleb and our top few, but we’ve considerably rethought this after his strong fall.

Michael Marinello(Belmont Hill) – Coming out of the summer, the Clam coaching staff felt it had found its top 2021 goalie, but felt the second national team goalie spot had not completely been claimed. Michael’s performance at the first fall tournament ensured that he deserved national competition, and any inkling of doubt was gone after tournaments #2 and #3. Marinello’s 67% save percentage at Mayflower on the first weekend and Philly on the final one, dipped only slightly to 64% at our second, but even with the slight dip in percentage, he still had to best save percentage of any Clam underclassman at NALA.  His performance this fall and that of his teammate and fellow keeper Skripps, laid the foundation for a spirited internal competition that’ll make both players better. 

Graham Tyson(St. John’s Prep) – Whenever you have two elite face off men in a class, or two elite goalies, the competition almost always makes both better. Last summer, the 2021 class didn’t have an elite face off man outside of our top guy Curtin. We do now. Graham came over to us from another club and made an immediate impact. With Graham and Luke battling it out as part on many of our top rosters, we’ll be markedly better as a team, just as each player will show better individually.