2019 Committed Game

Of all Six of the Annual Fighting Clams Committed Games, it could definitely be argued that this year’s event was the most internally meaningful. As was the case in each preceding game, this one was in support of a charity. This year’s charitable focal point was the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. As those in attendance learned first-hand, three members of the Clams family are currently receiving treatments there. Two of these people attended and addressed the group.

Burke Walker, the father of Top Gun Lacrosse, and currently Head of the Top Gun Littlenecks, spoke alongside Danny Seibel, a former Villanova great whose one of the best Clams to have ever donned the Clam uniform. As each delivered powerful short speeches, everyone was reminded of the larger meaning of the day.

The 44 players who attended played in a way that left everyone entertained. The teams were split in an intriguing way: one team comprised of Juniors, another of D3 Seniors and a third of Seniors Committed to Division 2 and Division 1 Seniors. The point was made afterward that the eventual winner of the exhibition tournament, the D3 Seniors, represented an outcome that would be far less likely in most other sports. In lacrosse, a good number of players competing at Division 3 are as talented as their D1 counterparts, and this reality was exemplified in the game’s outcome.

All that said, any one of the games could have been won by either team. The parity certainly spoke volumes about the overall health of the Clam program. It left all in attendance feeling great about what we’ve accomplished together, and where we’re all headed.

Back to the days charitable partner, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, over $1400 was raised in support of the cause. Nearly every young player in attendance left with an article of Clam gear, and in so doing, made the amount of money raised possible.

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