2019 Fall Recap: Class of 2023

2018 Record for Freshman Class

Overall Record of teams with Freshman on the roster (blended teams always play in older bracket):  5-10

Overall Record of team comprised entirely of Freshman:  3-6

2019 Record For Freshman Class

Overall Record of teams with 2023’s (Freshman) on the roster (blended teams always play in older bracket):  17-10-4

Overall Record of team comprised entirely of 2023’s (Freshman):  14-7-4

Clams 2023 (3-1) at Battle at the Barracks

W 9-3 vs. Maine Mussels Blue

W 5-3 vs. Connecticut Valley 2023 Blue

W 8-0 vs. Seven Hills Grey

L 5-6 vs. Connecticut Valley 2023 Blue (Championship Game)

Clams 2022/2023 (2-1) at Battle at the Barracks

W 6-1 vs. Buzzards 2022/23

W 9-3 vs. Maine Mussels Navy

L 5-7 vs. Seven Hills Blue

Fighting Clams 2023 (3-0) at Mayflower

W 4-3 vs. Piatelli Pioneer 2022

W 9-5 vs. 3d NE South 2022

W 12-2 vs. 3d Bears 2022

Fighting Clams (0-3) at NALA
**No Picture Taken

L 5-6 vs. Rising Sons

L 4-8 vs. Richmond Hawks

L 1-13 vs. Igloo

Clams 2023 (1-0-2) at Bulldog Bash

W 6-5 vs. 2023 AA Piatelli Pioneer Team

T 4-4 vs. NE Twisters Orange

T 3-3 vs. 4 Leaf 2023 Army

Clams 2022/2023 (1-2) at Clash on the Charles

L 1-13 vs. LXC Navy 2022

L 1-9 vs. RI Bulldogs Black 2022

W 7-3 vs. Penguins Orange 2022

Clams 2023 (1-0-2) at Clash on the Charles

T 4-4 vs. Team 802

W 8-1 vs. RI Bulldogs 2023

L 5-6 vs. NH Tomahawks

Fighting Clams 2023 (2-1) at Colonial Clash

W 9-1 vs. HGR 2023 BLUE

W 5-2 vs. NH Tomahawks Purple

L 6-8 vs. Laxachusetts 2023 Navy

Clams 2023 (2-1) at Colonial Clash

W 7-1 vs. CT-Shoreline Sharks 2023

W 10-2 vs. NH Tomahawks 2023 Gold

L 2-7 vs. 3d Bears 2023

Fighting Clams 2023 (2-1) at Philly Invitational

W 5-3 vs. Orange Crush

L 5-8 vs. Seattle Starz

W 8-0 vs. South Shore

Players identified for excellence at multiple events by either Clams coaches, college coaches, or both:

Luke LoPresti- Attack (Belmont Hill) – Luke was among the top three scorers at every tournament he attended this fall, and was tied atop the points scored list twice. But he may have saved his best for last. At a tournament that stood to represent an opportunity for our top teams to break onto the national scene, the tenor of the day would clearly be set by our play vs. the strongest club of the day, in the dreaded 8am game. We were up for this matchup vs. Orange Crush out of upstate NY, and so was Luke. After being knotted at 2 at the half, Luke scored a huge short-handed goal, and then managed an equally big goal the seal the win. With those key contributions, the ’23 class had themselves what was probably the signature victory of the fall season.

Jon Byrne- Attack (Acton-Boxboro) – Like linemate Lopresti (prior writeup), Jon also saved his best for last, perhaps in an even more resounding way. In his first two tournaments, he was comparatively quiet, with a combined 6 points. Then in our final event, definitely one of our toughest, he exploded. His 6 total goals at the NXT Philly Showcase were as many as the next five top point getters combined. As impressive as the total was the timing and importance of the goals. In the signature win of the fall season, Jon also managed two goals, our team’s first which served to break the ice, as well as the tally that would prove to be the game-winner. It’s said that great players shine in huge moments. If true, Jon made an early case that greatness might just be within his grasp.

Griffin Bast- Attack (Hillside) – Griff is newer to the program than most other attackmen in the ’23 class, and is working his way up the ranks the way newer guys tend to do. He has even gone so far as to make us aware of his ambitions, which is something we always appreciate and note. But while his stated ambitions matter, what matters more is his on-field statistical output and overall play. He was tied for the team-lead in points scored at every tournament he initially registered for (including a 6-goal and 8-points outburst at the Battle of the Barracks, which was tied for most points any attackman put up at a single tournament all fall). The only tournament where he didn’t factor prominently in the scoring was the final tournament of the fall, where he was brought on as an alternate based on his strong play to that point, but per our agreement played minimally. Given what we saw of Griffin’s soft hands and deft scoring touch throughout the fall, he’ll be attending some national-caliber tournaments without the “alternate” label very soon.

Cam McGinty- Attack (Lawrence) – Like so many other attackmen whose fall play has been highlighted here, Cam’s play got better as the fall progressed. After a somewhat quiet start to the fall by his standards, Cam found himself tied atop the goals scored and points scored list at fall tournament #2. But it was in his final tournament, the Prime Time Colonial Clash, where he really shined. Playing with many of our best, Cam managed to end the day with both the most points scored and goals scored, many tallies snapping corners the way Cam’s shots tend to do when he’s clicking. Like Bast (prior writeup), Cam also made a very strong argument to be included among our best with more regularity, in what is becoming an ultra-tight competition for the top spots in this extremely promising 2023 attack unit!

Jack Daly- LSM (St. Sebastian’s) – Jack might be the fastest player in the Fighting Clam 2023 class and as a long stick midfielder this is an added luxury. Along with his speed and pure athleticism, Jack plays a physical brand of lacrosse and tries to out muscle and out quick opposing players. He is not just an athlete. Jack has a certain style to his game where he plays with finesse at times and none more than when the ball goes down. Jack has a knack for getting the ball to space and picking it up in traffic on the first attempt. As Jack grows older and faces better competition, we see him elevating his game to match that of his opponents. It is rare to find a combination of athletic ability, work ethic, and flat out skill that Jack has, and this should make him a must watch player.

Matt Deedy- Goalie (Acton-Boxboro) – The long-time “top dog” between the pipes for the ‘23’s, Matt was met with all too familiar additions to the depth chart that lead different players to react differently. Matt, or “Toad” as he’s known by some, reacted beautifully, embracing his new teammates in a way a true leader would. In his three tournaments, he played with a newly reclassified goalie, a new goalie to the program who was selected to play in the program in early fall, and his old teammate between the pipes who reclassified himself and became a ’24. Continuity was, in turn, limited, introducing a change to the rhythm can throw certain goalies for a loop. Toad handled it like a Champ, and led the team throughout with his trademark combination of grit and positivity, showing that the more things change, the more they’re sure to stay the same.

Aidan Peterson- Goalie (Westford) – The aforementioned reclassified goalie, Aidan and his family had some good, productive conversations with our staff in late summer about how to get more national play. As they’re ought to do, these conversations drifted toward to concept of reclassification. And as has been the case with others, the more players and families learn about the pros and cons of taking this step, the more some realize it’s worth it. After accepting that he’d have to really earn it, Aidan has been shot out of a cannon, playing the best we’ve seen him play to date. Reclassification isn’t always the right step, but when it is, it often really is. For Aidan, the early reports are in: he/we/they made the right move!

Alecco Buendia- Defense (Lincoln-Sudbury) – There is a saying when it comes to sports, “Defense wins championships”, although we are not playing for championships, this old adage certainly applies to the 2023 Clam class. Alecco was a visible leader throughout the Fall on the back end and played with a high level lacrosse IQ which is hard to find at this age. He did a tremendous job of relaying the defensive calls to his teammates and always seemed to be helping guys get in the right spot on the defensive end. Buendia has the stereotypical build to be a defenseman so he has the whole package from size and smarts to be an integral part of the success the 2023 Fighting Clams have moving forward.

Eric Brooks- FO/Midfield (St. Johns HS) – Eric is an outstanding face off midfielder, winning well over 70% of the draws he took this fall. But don’t call him a FOGO. First off, he doesn’t like it, and he considers himself to be far more than a face off specialist. But, second – and far more importantly – he certainly allowed his actions this fall to back this up. With his signature huge stick fake, which rarely fails to turn the defender around in confusion, and his hard and true overhand shot, Eric is as dangerous a midfielder as he is a face off man. Nowhere was this truer than at the Colonial Clash, where his 4 goals and 6 points were double that of any other player on the team. FOGO’s don’t do that.

Cam Daly- LSM (Middlesex) – Cam is a super athletic, rangy, long stick and he utilizes his long reach and strides to effortlessly keep up with opposing midfielders. Aggressive on ball, yet smart with his checks he seemed to lock down the opposing team’s top midfield threat every time he played. Cam has a knack for elevating his game when the level of competition rises and embraces the pressure situations. A player that is constantly creating chaos on between the restraining lines, he proved to be a coaches delight throughout the Fall.

Andrew Matarese- Defense (Acton-Boxboro) – What Andrew lacks in lacrosse IQ at a young age, he certainly makes up for and then some with his athletic ability. Andrew has the physical frame of a Division One defenseman to go along with a high functioning motor, this combination is something coaches drool over. A vacuum when the ball goes down around him, he has great speed to run by someone if he needs to while clearing it but also the stick skills to roll away, put the stick in the correct hand and make an accurate over pass. With the likes of Matarese and the aforementioned Buendia, goalies will learn to love this group of defenseman and the likes of playing in front of them.

Liam Flynn- Attack (Acton-Boxboro) – Liam had himself a productive fall. With his tall, rangy body and his ability to get to a dangerous spot with his consistency, Liam is always a force to be reckoned with. But my favorite part of the fall that pertained to Liam had nothing to do with statistics. At the end of a long and cold (and very productive) day for the ‘23’s at their first tournament, the Mayflower Invitational, it turned out quite a few of our ‘20’s had to leave for a variety of reasons. We put the call out to the freshmen just as they were prepping to head to their warm cars. Four eventually stayed, but no one’s response was as immediate as Liam’s. In a game vs. a group of fiery, physical and very talented older Canadians, Liam went in an mixed it up, getting a couple big GB’s, and allowing some of our seniors the opportunity to catch their breath for a couple valuable minutes at a time. That 7-5 win vs. Everest Academy is one I’ll honestly always remember. And as with any positive memory, there’s always one or two parts that are particularly vivid. In this case, Liam’s hand shooting up with zero hesitation is one such part of this great memory, and great moment for the program. (The other freshman who stayed and played a fourth while exhausted, exemplifying the ultimate assist: John Goguen, Josh Seiple and Aleco Buendia; all are pictured above w/ the Clam elders.)

Emmett Harris- Attack/Midfield (Holderness) – Emmett is another newcomer. In fact, he was the ‘23’s class’s last addition of the fall. Because of this, he had what amounted to sort of a makeshift season, playing both middie and attack, national tournaments and local tournaments, and even with both the ‘22’s and ‘23’s. We asked him to be basically the program’s duct tape, and he willingly and without hesitation agreed. But a funny thing happened: everywhere he went, that team’s coaches wanted him back. He proved to be able to fit seamlessly, immediately ingratiating himself into multiple teams, and in turn, the program as a whole. This coming season, with greater continuity and consistency with his ’23 teammates, Emmett should reach a whole new level.

John Goguen- Midfield (Belmont Hill) – John only did a couple tournaments with us this fall, but in both events – our first, and our last – his contributions were immediately felt. The top scoring midfielder at both events, John proves a pivotal offensive balance to our often top-heavy production from the attack. Accomplishing this for John got even more difficult when also-reclassified Brendan Poirier, a physical wrecking ball who often provides a nice 1-2 punch out of the midfield with John, went out early in fall with a football injury. While John might have wanted a few more goals, his ability to distribute was exemplary, and truly made things click. His 6 assists in two tournaments was the highest two-tournament total any midfielder, and only one attackman had a higher two-tournament total.

Ryan Cho- Midfield (Acton-Boxboro) – Ryan has one of the biggest shots on the team. Few things fire the ’23 class up more than when Ryan sticks that sidearm cannon in the corner. But in Ryan’s case, there’s more than just the proverbial sizzle on the steak here. Altogether, Ryan is a downright solid middie. His decision-making a lacrosse IQ are very high, and his ability to distribute the ball is often underrated. Evidence of this might be the fact that what his coaches believe may have been his best tournament was one where he actually didn’t register a goal. This was at the Colonial Clash, and while scoreless, all his assists came at pivotal moments, and led to an overall strong day for his squad as a whole.