2020 Committed Game Draws Great Turnout

Littlnecks & Clams Group Photo

In years past, we have split the teams in meaningful ways: D1 vs. D3 commits, early commits vs. late commits. The team splits were always done to teach a lesson of sorts, and it has never failed to deliver.

When forming this year’s team, we went to a draft. Clam coaches Justin Walker (Rivers), Jon Siderewicz (Manchester-Essex), Mike Montenegro (Pingree), Andrew Navoni (Rivers), Jeff Dube (St. John’s Prep) and Danny Seibel (Cannons) all played a role in forming the most complete and equal teams possible. After watching the game, it’s impossible not to feel like this mission was indeed accomplished.

Every one of our seven Committed Games has raised money for a relevant charity, and this year’s was no different. Like many of us, we sat back and helplessly watched the footage and read the articles about the devastation in Australia, as fires linked to climate change ravaged much of the country. Over a billion animals are estimated to have perished, some species becoming functionally extinct due to the loss of what remained of their habitat. With the help of the Clam and Littlenecks families, and Lax.com, we managed to match last year’s total of $1,400 dollars raised for the World Wild Life Fund Australia. We couldn’t be more pleased with this ancillary benefit of the game, and we hope that in some small way, this money can alleviate some of the most adverse effects of the fires, help some of the surviving wildlife affected, and perhaps prevent repeat events in the future.

Back to the on-field action, those in attendance know that it spoke for itself. Below are the Game Results and Statistics from each of the three games. Make sure you keep checking all our Social Media outlets in the days and weeks to come, as a full-length highlight reel as well as multiple Instagram videos will be posted periodically. Having seen the draft of the full-length reel, I can say with confidence that it’s one not to be missed!

Check out an awesome highlight reel of the Game put together by Adam Yorio Here!

Game Results
Team Top Gun 18 v. Team Littlenecks 17
Team Fighting Clams 16 v. Team Top Gun 12
Team Fighting Clams 18 v. Team Littlenecks 12

Hayden Zeller (Weston HS) & Aiden Chitkara (Wayland HS)

Connor Theriault (NMH), Mike Nassif (Millbrook), Sean Henderson (LA), Charlie Paras (Brooks), Pat Thomas (Gunnery), Chris Meinhold (AB)

Brian Souza (SJP), Tripp Clark (SJP), Cam Souza (Wakefield), Jackson Klein (SJP), Mike Nassif (Millbrook)

Riley Van Duzer (Rivers), Jimmy Freehill (St. Sebastian’s), Ryan Rahbany (Rivers), Zach Mickle (Rivers)

Jackson Klein (SJP) & Keegan Palmer (Central Catholic)

Jack Theriault (NMH) & Connor Theriault (NMH) with younger sister

Reese Hornstein (St. Mark’s) & Von Mabbs (St. Mark’s)

Littlenecks with Committed Clams

More Littlenecks & Committed Clams Together

LELL Players along with their coaches that played in the Committed Game