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Harvard Crimson Classic Recap

At Harvard, two of the three teams struggled to match the level of their opponents, but in truth, we as a program must take some of the blame. Our aggressive bracketing approach – always skewing older and borderline over our …

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Weekend #2 was a mixed bag for the Clam program. On the brighter side, our national teams played some remarkably competitive lacrosse at two different sites in Delaware. Their overall records were a combined 5-6-1. Six games were either tied …

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Mayflower Invitational & UMASS Recap

This year’s first November weekend started off in fine fashion. For the second straight year, we were able to outlast 3d’s committed team in our annual Committed Game by an overtime final of 10-9. The level of play was high …

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CELL Fall Session Championship Recap!

Last weekend’s CELL Championship was very fitting, as the two Mentor teams that had led wire to wire advanced somewhat easily to the CELL Championship. After the semi-final games, nothing came easy at all – in terms of overall intensity, …

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The Clams & Charitable Endeavors

The Clam program’s charitable endeavors in October exceed expectations

The last couple weeks have been encouraging for the Clam program on multiple levels. Practices have been great, and we started off with a tight two exciting one goal

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Clams Fare Well at Legacy Uncommitted Event

Fall Season Starts 2-0 at Legacy Uncommitted Event!

The Clam fall 2018 season officially began down in Weymouth on a rainy and cool Sunday morning at the Laxachusetts uncommitted event. While still preparatory in nature, the refs were ke

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NLF Championship Recap

NLF 2018 Coverage

2019 Fighting Clams

Overview: This Clam squad represented the best cross-section of elite, healthy Clams we could gather at this late date in the summer. While injuries prevented us from b

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Philly Showcase Recap


Last weekend the 2020 Fighting Clams travelled to Downington, PA to compete in the NXT Philly Summer Invitational. The team faced a challenging slate of games on the first day of the tournament a

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Trilogy Recap


As a general statement, whenever a program brings four teams to an event, and each team finishes above .500, then at least we’ve hit par so to speak. Ask the next golfer you see whether he’ll take par; I

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