Philly, Trilogy and Crusader Clash Recap

I say it at the beginning of every season, every high school season, every club season…the types of seasons change, but the primary underlying goal doesn’t. The goal is simple: improve. Every practice. Every game. Every tournament. Every month. Just improve.

There are many different measures for improvement. But a team’s record doesn’t lie. And after what by our standards was a slow start in June, the program ended the summer on a torrid streak.

But first, let’s take a step back to the beginning.

Over the first couple of weekends, which included a couple of fiercely competitive tournaments, the Clam managed just a 16-17 record. We were still learning, finding our rhythm. Things took a noticeably positive turn toward the end of June, as we registered a 16-11 record over the final two weeks. This includes some very strong individual performances at Sweet Lax and Gait Cup, and much more complete efforts by nearly all teams who played during this period.

In the month of July, a span that included the Naptown, UMASS, Yale, Philly Showcase, Trilogy and Crusader Clash tournaments, the program won 49 games and lost just 25 (tying 3).

But it was the streak that this current writeup encompasses where we really saw our teams play their best lacrosse, going 23-8 against some outstanding opponents at the Philly Showcase, Trilogy and Crusaders Clash events. It was a great way to end the summer.

Another measure of success, and another way that we’ve surged in July, is by the tally of committed players. As predicted, July started with a bang, and hasn’t let up much since. Below is a list of players who have committed since July 1st, along with their collegiate destination:

For a history of Clam Commitments CLICK HERE

Ted Anderson – Williams 

Peter Burnes – Union 

Kyle Camphausen – Wesleyan 

Declan Curry – Kenyon 

Britt Defeo – Hamilton 

Johnny Goudreault – Navy 

Jake Haase – Williams 

Toby Ketchum – Dickinson 

Anthony Marinello – Middlebury 

Andrew Merrell – Bowdoin 

Jake Stackpole – Ursinus 

By every measure, we improved. Players asking for and receiving feedback are seeing “improvement” mentioned in their responses. Coaches are effusively mentioning individual players’ improvement in the end of season reports they’re submitting. It’s as clear as could be: the Clam program, and the vast majority of players in it, came a long way in the past month and a half.

And just wait for September! Just as we knew there was going to be a big commitment spike in early July (after July 1, we saw seven commitments in six days; we now stand at eleven), we expect a similar bubble come September 1st. With the new recruiting rules, we’ve seen our 2019’s waiting patiently for the date to come. All the while, they’ve been working very hard and making their mark at tournament after tournament. It’s being recognized, and these players will know this too in just over a month. But let’s not try to sell the excitement of the coming few weeks short either. We’re certain that quite a few more impressive commitments are en route. So stay tuned. And celebrate right along with us as we promptly share the good news.

And, last but not least, let’s make sure we don’t sell the 2020 class short. They can’t choose their colleges for some time, so the measure of success that commitments represent won’t be available for some time. But of all our Clam classes, it can be strongly argued that they had the best 2017 summer of the bunch.

The future’s bright from bottom to top. It’s a great time to be a Clam!

Philly Summer Showcase

Fighting Clams 2019 (2-2)

8-5 Win over Tri-State

15-1 Win over Florida Alliance

10-8 Loss to NXT

8-2 Loss to NJ Riot (Consolation)



Fighting Clams 2020 (3-1)

9-5 Win over C-12

12-2 Win over Boston Kings

8-6 Win over Lax Factory

6-5 Loss to Predators (Playoffs)



Trilogy Providence

Clams 2018/2019 (5-1 2018 Champions)

9-8 Loss to Dirigo 2018

13-4 Win over RI Bulldogs 2018

7-5 Win over Laxpros 2019

9-2 Win over Black Hawks 2018

6-5 Win over Seven Hills Blue

9-4 Win over Dirigo 2018



Clams 2019/2020 (4-1)

7-4 Win over Laxpros 2019/2020

12-1 Win over Cape Cod Kings 2019

7-2 Win over Blackhawks 2019

7-2 Loss to Road Warriors

6-5 Win over Laxpros 2019/2020



Clams 2020 (4-1)

13-2 Win over HGR 2020 Green

16-1 Win over Make-A-Wish 2020 Blue

12-0 Win over Titletown 2020

7-6 Win over Seven Hills White

8-3 Loss to Team Washington Cohos



Crusader Clash

Top Gun Fighting Clams (5-2)

7-6 Win over Webster Thomas

11-3 Win over Sacred Heart

8-7 Loss to Holy Cross

10-4 Win over Stripling Warriors

8-3 Win over Rising Stars

12-0 Win over Binghamton

11-5 Loss to Webster Thomas