The Unique Bond Between the Fighting Clams and the NESCAC

The Clams have a special relationship with the New England Small College Athletic Conference. A significant majority of Clams want to play in it, and more to the point, want to be a part of the rare combination of academic and athletic excellence that no other Division 3 conference provides.

It is with this in mind that we recommit ourselves each year to work extra hard to ensure we make the coaches in the NESCAC conference very aware of our candidates for admission, and then we work as hard as we can within the boundaries of what’s appropriate to facilitate placement.

It’s with this in mind that we take great pride in announcing that with goaltender Cooper Giblin’s commitment to Colby late last week, the 2018 class’s total for NESCAC matriculation reached nine total players! This number is the second most in the Clam program’s 16-year history (the record was hit in 2008, when we had 13, though it’s worth noting that in the Clam ’08 class we had just 10 players matriculate D1 vs. the 18 that have done so thus far in the ‘18 class).

The Clam 2018 class continues to approach or break as many records as any other class. It’s only fitting that it hits this mark, in a conference that means so much to our program and our region.

Below is a statistical breakdown of Clams matriculation to the NESCAC in our program’s history: