Clam Class of 2018 Milestones


We have spent a good amount of touting our 2018 class’s D1 matriculation accomplishments, which have been many. But as a program who sees tremendous value in our D1, D2 and D3 matriculations alike, we felt it was time to start identifying additional milestones this remarkable class has met or exceeded beyond those pertaining solely to D1. (For all Clam College Placements, click HERE.)

Below are a few big ones:

NESCAC Placements

The New England Small College Athletic Conference, or NESCAC, is coveted by more Clams than any other conference in any other division. This has been true for as long as the Clams have been in operation.

Because of both duration of the Clam program’s 17-year existence, and the success Clams have enjoyed once they’ve arrived at the schools in this conference, the relationship we’ve developed with NESCAC coaches are strong, and truly are relationships we feel fortunate to have. As a whole, we feel the ideology of the NESCAC coaches align extremely closely with our own ideology, and we feel this is a big reason for the success of so many Clams who have gone on to play there in years past.

This year, we surpassed eight commitments for just the second time in our program’s history. With goaltender Cooper Giblin’s commitment to Colby, we hit nine NESCAC commitments. To one unfamiliar with the conference, this may not sound like much given there are 11 teams total, but I can assure you that tremendous time, effort and persistence by players, coaches and club directors went into these placements. Without knowing for sure, I would also put that figure against any other club in the country, with confidence we’d come out on top.

Here are the NESCAC commitments thus far in the 2018 Clam class (and we’re cautiously optimistic more will follow).

Ted Anderson, defenseman, Portsmouth Abbey 

Kyle Camphausen, long stick midfielder, Wayland HS  

Britt Defeo, attackman, Moses Brown  

Cooper Giblin, goaltender, St. Mark’s 

Jake Haase, attackman, Belmont Hill 

Anthony Marinello, long stick midfielder, Belmont Hill 

Andrew Merrell, midfielder, Avon Old Farms 

Carson Millburn, F/O midfielder, IMG 

Dylan Williams, long stick midfielder, Brewster 



The outgoing 2018 Clam class has broken one longstanding record for defensemen in a class, and we have it in good authority they may tie another.

First off, with four NESCAC commitments, the Clams have broken the record for number of defensemen in a class who have matriculated to the coveted conference. In 2008, and again in, 2015, the Clams sent three poles into the NESCAC; never have we surpassed that number.

Below are the four NESCAC-bound defensemen in the 2018 Clam class.

Ted Anderson, defenseman, Portsmouth Abbey 

Kyle Camphausen, long stick midfielder, Wayland HS 

Anthony Marinello, long stick midfielder, Belmont Hill 

Dylan Williams, long stick midfielder, Brewster 

The 2018 Clam class also now stands at six DI committed defensemen, one shy of the record set in 2010. However, as stated earlier, we feel cautiously optimistic that one more defenseman will be committing to a D1 program in the class, and furthermore, we feel there’s an outside chance two will, so a record-tying or record-breaking figure remains in reach.(Click here for Annual D1 Position Breakdown by class)

Below are the six 2018 D1-bound defensemen in the 2018 Clam class.

Ridge Driscoll, long stick midfielder, Marblehead HS/Trinity-Pawling 

Max Fields, defenseman, Belmont Hill 

Jack Gump, long stick midfielder,, Chelmsford HS/Trinity-Pawling 

Pat Kaveny, defenseman, Foxboro HS 

Cooper Mazurczak, long stick midfielder, Governors/Avon Old Farms 

Luke Pecora, defenseman, Norwell HS 



Due to reclassification and a number of other factors, we ended up with six goalies in the 2018 class. This is the highest number of goalies we will carry in a class, and is higher than the more common number of five per class that we tend to carry.

It is easy to get spooked by that high a number, thinking that reps will be diminished, and overall development stunted. But our unique goalie development system and the coaches who embraced it really worked; everyone really went into overdrive to ensure that every goalie got where they wanted to go.

The results speak for themselves. As mentioned above, this past week our 6th goalie committed to one of his top choices, which means that now each and every one of the goalies is not only going to a very competitive college lacrosse program at a very strong college, but further, that they’re going to one of their top picks.

I cannot stress enough how proud I am of the Clam coaches who have fostered these developments, or of how proud I am of each goalie who continue to buy into our system and trust that we’d facilitate a desired outcome. I will always use this class as an example for all goalies at various levels of our depth chart, in the classes to follow in both the Clam and Littleneck program. Regardless of where you are in our depth chart, at any time, you can get where you want to go with hard work, and regular communication with coaches and program directors.

If you’d have asked me two years ago if we could pull off a college wish list for 6 goalies in a class, I would have struck a cautionary tone. Now I know it can be done. And I’m confident, very confident, we’ll do it again.

Below is the record-breaking six goalie College Placements in the 2018 Clam class.

Jacob Addeche, Foxboro HS
Mayo Amorello, Hamilton-Wenham HS 

Nick Dimuccio, La Salle HS (RI) 

Cooper Giblin, St. Mark’s 

Danny Hincks, Belmont Hill 

Matt Shaffer, Tabor 

Knowing this class, I’m sure these won’t be the last milestones. And we’ll be sure to keep you posted as additional ones are met, or passed right on by!