Clams Finish Summer With Surf n Turf Championship!

After taking a short summer break from the game (with the hopes of relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family), the Fighting Clams ended the summer for the second year in the row at the Croart Surf n Turf Tournament in South Boston.  The hope again was to bring together both college Clam alumni and committed Clams for a fun exciting closure to the 2017 summer. After falling in the B division playoffs a year prior, the Seasoned Clams group rallied to perfect 5-0 record and a B Division Championship.

What makes this tournament so fun and special is the camaraderie that is gained by connecting the Clam Alumni/Coaches with the Committed Clam players on the field and sideline. Similar to our CELL mentorship program, we believe that having younger Clams play with our collegiate alumni only strengthens our bond as a program and the skills and confidence of our future collegiate Clams.  We would like to personally thank the following former Clams and Clam coaches who came out and helped make this such a great event:

Sam Cleveland (Clam Class of 2015/Colgate) – Starting attackman and two-time leading scorer for the Red Raiders

Ryan Caley (Class of 2015/Colgate) – starting defenseman for the Red Raiders

Ben Knapton (Clam Coach/Hartford) – former standout defenseman for the Hawks

Collin Orr (Class of 2014/Colgate) – starting face off man for the Red Raiders

Alec Brown (Class of 2013/Hartford) – starting midfielder for the Hawks

Brendan Gates (Class of 2014/Hartford) – starting defensive midfidler for the Hawks

Brandon Grinnell (Class of 2016/Manhattan) – starting attackman for the Jaspers

As we look to the future this is something we are excited to do again in 2018. Though we do not get to defend our B Division crown (we will be moved up to the A Division, per tournament rules), we are excited and up to the task for whatever the A division brings.  It is our hope that every summer this event will continue to be a way for our Clam Alumni to continue to instill their wisdom and pass the torch to the younger Clam generations.