Fighting Clams Class of 2019 – Fall 2017 Recap

Overall Record of teams with 2019’s on the roster:     17-11

Overall Record of team comprised entirely of 2019’s:     6-3







The 2019 Clams at Harvard went 3-0, led by Head Coach Tim Fallon (rest of team not pictured due to end of tournament photo oversight)

Overall Record of team comprised entirely of both 2018’s and 2019’s:    4-2*

The 2018/2019 Clams went 2-1 at Umass, led by Coaches Ben Knapton & Alec Brown

Overall Record of team comprised entirely of both 2019’s and 2020’s:     7-6*

The 2019/2020 Clams went 3-0 at Harvard, led by Coaches Jon Siderewicz & Evan Cunningham

*Note – every time teams consist of blended grad years, the Clam program places them in the older bracket

Players identified for excellence at multiple events by either Clams coaches, college coaches, or both

Andrew Poynton, F/O Midfielder, Xaverian Brothers HS (MA) – Andrew is new to the face off position, really discovering his knack for it this past summer. This fall, he just blew up, going 76% at the Jersey Invitational and 66% at Harvard. His Jersey performance in weekend #1 was his most impressive, as he was apparently up against a couple players committed to college programs. Andrew drew the eyes of many college coaches as nobody he faced this fall got the better of him. And if what we’re hearing is true, Andrew may very well be making his college decision soon.

Jack Venturelli, Defenseman/LSM, Duxbury HS (MA) – Jack was arguably the most valuable defensive player in the program this fall. Everywhere he went, people took note, from Clam coaches to NESCAC coaches, even including an ACC coach who was enamored with Jack’s play. Jack only did two events, and due to hockey, he missed the one where the most coaches watched his class. Still, Jack played his way into the driver’s seat in his recruiting process, no two ways about it.

Joe Goguen, Attackman/Midfielder, Belmont Hill (MA) – Joe maintained his dominant scoring ways that we’ve seen throughout his time with us, tying for the team lead in goals at both events he attended. As we’ve come to expect, Joe powered his way to the goal with the stick in his left hand in a nearly unstoppable manner. But also added to his repertoire appeared to be improved right hand finishing ability. Hockey also took Joe away from our final event, where he would’ve continued to shine, but he too did enough to make his mark…yet again.

Jake Tellers, Midfielder, East Catholic HS (CT)/Quinnipiac – With fellow midfield outlier JJ Levandowski down at IMG in Florida, someone had to become the alpha on the 2019 middie group. After the fall, college coaches and Clam coaches alike were left with no doubt that Jake was the one to fill that void. He was exceptional everywhere he went, the leading scorer at Mayflower (with huge goal after huge goal in the most competitive games), the leading goal scorer at Harvard for his undefeated team, and the leading point-getter (tied with one other) at the Philly Showcase.

Chris Berger, Midfielder, Littleton HS (MA) – This sparkplug of a midfielder quickly became a favorite of every Clam coach he had, and numerous college coaches too. Tied as the top point getter at UMASS, his contributions went well beyond offensive production. Chris was also dominant corralling ground balls, in the clearing game, and on the defensive end as well.

Players identified for excellence by either Clams coaches, college coaches, or both

Chris Bucking, Attackman/Midfielder, Rivers (MA) – Identified as a standout at Harvard for doing all the little things, Chris averaged over a point a game, and added to the team’s success both on the field and on the sideline, where he displayed the supportive energy we’ve come to expect. He was a clear X factor on the 3-0 Fighting Clams 2019 squad at Harvard.

Evan Roan, Attackman, Rivers (MA) – This Rivers attackman was on another team as classmate and schoolmate Bucking, but was a recipient of similar praise. In Evan’s case, it was more due to his goal scoring prowess, where he had 4 goals, many of them pivotal (he also added an assist).

Anthony Forziati, Attackman, Wakefield HS (MA) – Arguably the most dynamic of the 2019 class’s offensive players, Anthony followed up an outstanding McCrae Williams committed game in weekend #1 with an equally impressive Sunday at Mayflower. Anthony capably quarterbacked the Clam squad, leading the team with 3 assists, and far more of the ol’ hockey assists. Sadly, Anthony broke his hand in Taunton, and was missed for the remainder of the fall.

Danny Angell, Attackman, Littleton HS (MA)/Quinnipiac – Continuing his tremendous scoring punch from the left side that we first became acquainted with in summer, Danny was at this best at our toughest tournament, notching a team-high 4 goals at Philly, a couple of them jaw-droppers.

Von Mabbs, Midfielder, Belmont Hill (MA) – The signs were pointing in a good direction even before the fall season began, as Von led the midfield group in scoring at an uncommitted event we attended that Laxachusetts hosted where he was written up for his play. Since then, he led his team in scoring at the Jersey Invitational, and shined at Harvard. Very few players climbed more spots in the Clams depth chart than Von did this fall.

Jack Whalen, Midfielder, Xaverian Brothers HS (MA) – After a somewhat quiet start to fall, Jack exploded at Prime Time in the final weekend, cranking out 8 points (4 goals, 4 assists), more than twice as many as any other teammate.

Others who excelled

Jake Erickson Midfielder, Acton/Boxboro HS (MA) – singled out for his play at the Philly Showcase for his contributions between the lines and on the defensive end.

Will Kezerian, Midfielder, Kimball Union (NH) – similar to Jake, Will was singled out for his play at the Philly Showcase, where his contributions in the clearing game were unmatched. Will was selected as an All-Star at the Philly Individual Showcase.

Kenny Offner, Midfielder, Pingree (MA) – Kenny was mentioned by his Clam coaches for his offensive contributions at UMass, where he led his team with 5 goals.

Colin Harrington, Midfielder, B.C. High (MA) – Colin’s coaches recognized him for his play at UMASS on weekend #1, where his 4 points placed him among his team’s leader.

Ryan Schwender, Midfielder, La Salle (RI)/Quinnipiac – With a seemingly-quiet 2 goal output at Mayflower, both were huge in their timing and impact, and led coaches to single Ryan out for his clutch play at that event.

Tim Roberts, Defenseman, Governors (MA)/University of Vermont – A steady, reliable defenseman, Tim anchored an undermanned defensive unit at Mayflower with toughness and grit, earning praise from his coaches (and college coaches too). His great play this fall finalized his commitment to play D1 lacrosse at Vermont.

Charlie Peck, Defenseman, Rivers (MA)/Lehigh – After an excellent performance the day prior in the McCrae Williams Committed Game, Charlie was another anchor on the 2019 Fighting Clam team’s defensive unit at Mayflower.

Johnny Kantaros, LSM, Rivers (MA) – Rather remarkable that Johnny earned praise for his play at an event where his participation was shortened due to injury (along with his entire fall), it shows just how good he was in limited minutes at Mayflower.

Dale Dunning, Defenseman, Pomfret (CT) – Dale shined at UMass right out of the gate, and his strong play continued at Philly to close out his fall season.

Andrew Sanderson, LSM, Rivers (MA) – Andrew was at this best at Big 12, where the defense was pushed to its limits. He continued his strong play in Philly the following weekend.

Johnny Goudreault, Defenseman, Dover/Sherborn HS (MA)/US Naval Academy – Johnny was at his best right from the start, as yet another defenseman at Mayflower who was disproportionately impactful.

Marty Folan, LSM, B.C. High (MA)/Holy Cross – Marty played in both the McCrae Williams committed game and the Mayflower Invitational in weekend #1 of November. College coaches and Clam coaches alike felt he was outstanding.

2019 Clams at Mayflower

Coaches: Tim Fallon & Jaedon Henderson

2019 Clams at Philly Showcase

Coaches: Tim Fallon & Danny Seibel

2019/2020 Clams at Primetime

Coaches: Jaedon Henderson & Jon Siderewicz & Max Gustafson

2019/2020 Clams at Big12

Coaches: Mat Thistle & Andrew Navoni

2019/2020 Clams at Harvard

Coaches: Jon Siderewicz & Evan Cunningham

2018/2019 Clams at Harvard

Coaches: Ben Knapton & Alec Brown