Fall 2017 Recap: Class of 2020

Fighting Clams Class of 2020 Fall 2017 Recap

Overall Record of teams with 2020’s on the roster: 27-14

Overall Record of team comprised entirely of 2020’s: 11-4-1

 (2017 Fall Brawl Primetime Champions, led by Coaches Matt Smith, Tommy Wynn and directed by Ronnie Westgate)

Overall Record of team comprised entirely of both 2019’s and 2020’s* : 7-6

 (Undefeated 2019/2020 team at Harvard, led by Coaches Jon Siderewicz and Evan Cunningham)

Overall Record of team comprised entirely of both 2020’s and 2021’s*: 9-4

(Undefeated 2020/2021 team at Umass, led by Coaches David Goscinak and Nikko D’eramo)

*Note – every time teams consist of blended grad years, the Clam program places them in the older bracket


Players identified for excellence at multiple events by either Clam coaches, college coaches, or both

Tucker Spencer, Attackman, Pingree (MA)/Salisbury – Tucker was specifically mentioned for his excellence at two events. At Harvard, Tucker had more points than any other player on any of our 6 teams in attendance. And at the Philly Showcase, his 12 points were the most any single player had on any team in any class at any tournament. But fact is, he was quite good on weekend #1 as well. Put simply, Tucker nailed his fall season, and Salisbury’s very fortunate to have him.

Riley Van Duzer, Midfielder, Rivers (MA) – We were a little scared we might not have Riley for much of the fall. The do-it-all demands he experienced in football led to an injury, and things were touch n’ go for a bit. But in the end, he missed just weekend #1 at Mayflower, and coaches identified him for his spectacular play at both tournaments he attended, 3d/Flg and Philly Showcase. An extraordinarily athletic middie who scores, feeds, clears, and defends, Riley is clearly one the ‘20 class’s cornerstone players.

Tommy Miller, Midfielder, Rivers (MA) – After battling through a few injuries over the last two seasons, we as a staff were thrilled to see Tommy at 100%. We saw it this past November, and it was awesome. Tommy led all midfielders in scoring at both events he attended, and led the entire team at Mayflower (a rarity for middies in the club realm). More often than not, Tommy could almost score at will. He appears to be peaking at just the right time.

Liam Tasker, Midfielder, Middlesex (MA) – Liam is a player our coaching staff has grown to love, and college coaches are starting to as well. Somewhat undersized, Liam plays exponentially larger than he is. He’s a ground ball machine, and has only one speed…full speed. While his shot is still evolving, he had 7 total assists in both tournaments he attended, and was pivotal to each team’s overall functioning. Whenever Liam is on a team, that team is better.

Carter Hampson, Defense/LSM, Deerfield (MA) – Carter is an intensely focused defenseman, always looking to get better, to do more, to climb our ranks. He tirelessly pursues athletic improvement, and man did it show this fall. He was excellent on ground balls, and improved in basically every athletic category since summer. Carter surged up our depth chart because of his play this fall, and can now consider himself among our elite at this position. I can assure you this will not make him complacent.

JJ Jablonowski, LSM, St. John’s Shrewsbury (MA) – JJ is another player who makes up for a slightly diminutive stature relative to other top players at his position with roaring tenacity and an oversized presence. Never slowing down, never resting, never taking a play off, JJ was recognized for his outstanding play by coaches at both the UMass and especially Prime Time, where was pivotal in his team’s Championship run.


Players identified for excellence by either Clams coaches, college coaches, or both

Connor Sullivan, Attackman, Hopkinton HS (MA) – Connor played outstanding fall lacrosse in practices and in the CELL league. His first event, Mayflower, saw this continue. Then he just knocked it out of the park down at 3d/FLG the following weekend, displaying pinpoint shooting and passing accuracy en route to a team-high 10 points.

Daniel Addonizio, Attackman, BB&N (MA) – Dan had a strong fall, drawing praise for his scoring touch at both the UMass and Harvard. After a few conversations, Dan has decided to bring his scoring prowess to the Fighting Clams Class of 2021 this summer, where he’ll be expected to be an immediate impact player on that class’s top rosters.

Zach Frank, Midfielder, Hopkinton HS (MA) – It’s always gratifying when a player’s play in a season leads to direct, immediate results. In Zach’s case, they have. Because he’s technically a 2019 who has stated a general intention to PG, he is allowed to visit D1 schools. At a couple coach’s strong urgings, he has done just that. Whether he remains a 2019 or 2020 remains to be seen, but he’ll continue to add toughness, grit and presence wherever he lands.

Anders Pineau, Defense, Wellesley HS (MA) – Clam coaches love Anders. They love the toughness with which he plays. But even more than that, they love the energy and personality he brings to the field, the sideline, and into the huddle. This reclassified defenseman has fit right into the 2020 class, and will be looked upon as a key cog in the functioning of D units at top events this summer.

Pat Thomas, Goaltender, Brewster Academy (NH) – Pat was singled out for very strong play on weekend #1 at Mayflower, but his most memorable tournament was the Prime Time Fall Brawl at Bryant. He was named the Player of the Tournament on his Championship team, and literally had teammates chanting his name at the end. In a Championship game, in tough indoor lighting, Pat put the team on his shoulders and carried them to the title.

Others who excelled

Peter Kip, Attackman, Thayer (MA) – Peter saved his best lacrosse for our toughest fall event, the Philly Showcase, where he paired up beautifully with line mate Tucker Spencer and tallied 8 total points (4g, 4a), many of them in spectacular fashion.

Jack Theriault,
Attackman, Northfield Mt. Hermon (MA) – Known for his prowess at attack, Jack actually earned the highest praise of his fall for his face off efforts at UMass; without an actual face-off man, he stepped in, and changed everything for his team.

Jon Bouvier,
Attackman, St. John’s Shrewsbury (MA) – A key piece on his Championship team to close out fall at PrimeTime, Jon always knows his role, never presses, and almost always makes the decision that is best for the team.

Brian Souza, Attackman, St. John’s Prep (MA) – Another of the players on the PrimeTime Championship team that played a definitive role, the slick and crafty righty managed 5 goal and 6 points, a few of them at pivotal times.

John Alfano, Midfielder, Westford Academy (MA) – Another smooth, capable middie who always helps the teams he’s on, John was identified more for his hockey assists and leadership than he was for his 2 goals at PrimeTime, though each goal was timely.

Ryan Welch, Midfielder, Deerfield (MA) – A player whose lacrosse IQ has risen dramatically, Ryan’s 4 goals at UMass were very impressive; even more impressive was that he wasn’t forcing these shots, they were the right shots, taken at the right times.

Shane Kilkelly, Midfielder, Oliver Ames (MA) – The top scoring midfielder on the PrimeTime Championship team, with an even 3 goals & 3 assists, Shane was also very important in the clearing game, and in corralling key ground balls.

Nils Holland, Midfielder, Proctor (NH) – In weekend #1, Nils’s UMass coaches loved his effort, hustle, and athleticism. He quickly emerged as a leader on the team. It’s not the first time that has occurred, and definitely won’t be the last.

Pressly Mead, Midfielder, Westford Academy (MA) – The powerful right-handed shooter notched 6 points at PrimeTime during his team’s title run; two of his four goals were in the team’s OT C-ship game victory, where he accounted for the 1st and 3rd goals.

Chris Deblasio, Defenseman, Pingree (MA) – One of the 2020 class’s top defenseman, Chris missed our first event, and his absence was clearly felt. He bounced back in weekend #2, showing no ill effects, and drew praise (and relief) from his coaches.

Tripp Clark, Defense, St. John’s Prep (MA) – An emerging power in the 2020 class’s defensive corp., Tripp is a strong, consistent force. He played his best lacrosse at Big 12 down in Maryland; on a team competing in the older bracket in a tough event, Tripp never wavered.

Magnus Miller, Defenseman, Bromfield (MA) – Another big, solid d man who simply does his job and does it well, Magnus was praised throughout the fall, but no coaches offered more copious praise than the coaches that led him at the Jersey Invitational.

Archie Perry, Defense, Belmont Hill (MA) – Archie reestablished his firm footing as a high end 2020 defenseman, playing good ball throughout the fall, and playing downright excellent lacrosse at UMass.

Brandon Lavey, Defenseman, Pingree (MA) – Another in the seemingly endless pipeline of good, young Pingree defensemen, Brandon is coming on very strong. His best tournament was UMass, where his coaches offered effusive praise afterward.

Connor Theriault, Goaltender, Northfield Mt. Hermon (MA) – Always an extraordinary talent, Connor shined once again this fall, most brightly at UMass on weekend 1, where he was a wall.

Charlie Paras, Goaltender, Brooks (MA) – Charlie was faced with quite a task down at Big 12, playing on a mixed team in a meatgrinder of a bracket. The team’s overall results were mixed, but Charlie’s were not. College coaches and Clam coaches alike offered high praise.