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Top Gun Fighting Clams

The Best of the Best

Top Gun Lacrosse offers the best overall competition in New England. This is true from the high school level all the way down to the youth levels. Over the years, more and more top level college coaches have been coming out to look at the high school level players, and in turn coming to me and saying “who are the best of the best”. This has happened more and more as our league has gained recognition for its competitiveness, and this very question has formed the basis of The Top Gun Fighting Clams.

Top Gun Fighting Clam players are selected by the Clams organization’s highly qualified staff, and over the years they have proven to be the types of players that college coaches from all across the country have chosen to, and continually choose to, aggressively recruit. More than just a select or club team, the Clams program is a college placement service that strives to use lacrosse as a means to gain access to the country’s most competitive colleges and universities


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