CELL, or the Clam Elite Lacrosse League, is one of the premiere indoor lacrosse leagues in the New England region. CELL takes place on Sundays in the Fall and Winter seasons at Teamworks indoor facility in Acton, Ma. For more information regarding team signups or individual free agent signups, please email topgunfightingclams@gmail.com. Below are the dates for the upcoming Fall and Winter sessions along with rosters and schedule for the Fall session. CELL rules can also be found below those.

Fall teams are listed below, to view the roster click on the team name:

Mentor Tellers
Mentor Orr/Harrington
Mentor Forziati/Folan
Mentor Canield
Mentor Whalen
Mentor Carreras
Team Venturelli
Winged River

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Sunday September 9th, 2018
Sunday September 16th, 2018
Sunday September 23rd, 2018
Sunday September 30th, 2018
Sunday October 7th, 2018
Sunday October 14th, 2018
Sunday October 21st, 2018
Sunday October 28th, 2018


Sunday December 2nd, 2018
Sunday December 9th, 2018
Sunday December 16th, 2018
Sunday January 6th, 2019
Sunday January 13th, 2019
Sunday January 20th, 2019
Sunday January 27th, 2019
Sunday February 3rd, 2019
Sunday February 10th, 2019