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Clash on the Charles & Bulldog Bash

Comments: This past weekend, the teams that stayed and played local events saw roster attrition that made the demands of those who were out there extremely high. The rosters were intentionally kept small, to be accommodative to the requests we’d &hel

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FLG In 3d Fall Shootout & NALA Invitational

Last weekend at the Mayflower Invitational, we saw overwhelming improvement when we compared last year’s performance on the national stage of weekend #1 vs. this year’s performance. This past weekend, our improvement continued. It could be said tha

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Clam begin Fall 2019 with a Flourish

Mayflower Invitational & Battle at the Barracks

I’m a big fan of comparing and contrasting. In athletics, how can you not be? Nothing else shows with more clarity where a program is headed than doing exactly this. If you buy …<

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LELL & CELL Limited Spots!

LELL Inaugural Season!

Introducing the Littleneck Elite Lacrosse League (LELL)! We are bringing our competitive and fast-paced indoor lacrosse league to the Middle School level. This winter we are launching LELL with our Littlenecks on Sund

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CELL Halfway Recap

This past weekend marks the halfway point for the Fall Session of CELL in what might be the most competitive session to date. Through four weeks there have been 72 games played and of those 72 games, 23 have been …

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NLF Championships Brings Out Nation’s Best

The NLF Club Lacrosse Championship is designed to be the most competitive lacrosse tournament in the country. From what I’ve seen over the last couple years, it is exactly that.

It’s at this event where we attempt to field our …<

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Championships and Playoff Runs for All!

This past weekend was by far the program’s best of the summer. Consider these facts:

* At 22-7, the program won more than 3x as many games as they lost.
* Of the six Clam teams competing, two won Championships, …

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