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NLF Championships Brings Out Nation’s Best

The NLF Club Lacrosse Championship is designed to be the most competitive lacrosse tournament in the country. From what I’ve seen over the last couple years, it is exactly that.

It’s at this event where we attempt to field our …<

Championships and Playoff Runs for All!

This past weekend was by far the program’s best of the summer. Consider these facts:

* At 22-7, the program won more than 3x as many games as they lost.
* Of the six Clam teams competing, two won Championships, …

Clams Run Into Nation’s Best at NALA

The measure of how valuable the NALA tournament was this past weekend depends largely on the nature of the goals we set for ourselves going in.

If the goals were exposure to play in highly competitive games, and hang with …

Hardware won at Primetime Shootout Babson

This weekend is an official start of sorts for the Clam program. This past weekend, over three-quarters of the players in the program were in action in two different states. On balance, the teams played hard and showed well, even …