CELL Halfway Recap

This past weekend marks the halfway point for the Fall Session of CELL in what might be the most competitive session to date. Through four weeks there have been 72 games played and of those 72 games, 23 have been decided by just one goal. It’s a session where it seems like any team could win on any given Sunday.

Winged River and SJP are among the stronger teams thus far, only losing a combined 3 games (Winged River 11-1 & SJP 10-2). Winged River has been led by a combination of stellar goalie play from Ben Garozzo and Ryan Skripps, as well as some dazzling skill from players like Nick Bell, Gregg Dennison & Joey Kraft. Outstanding goalie play has also been a theme for the SJP team, which has received phenomenal play from their goaltender, Kaiden Quirk. The SJP offense has been paced by two-way midfielder, Pat Atkins, & St. Lawrence bound Brian Souza

AB has had a strong start thus far as well. With a record of 9-3, they’ve proven they can compete with any other team in the league. Through the first half of the session, AB has played with a tremendous pace, scoring the third most goals this fall. The AB trio that are most responsible for their success is Jon Byrne, Tyler Clayton, & Zach Volinsky. Usual Suspects have the most goals scored through 4 weeks and a big part of that is CELL leading scorer, Dylan Brown, with an astonishing point total of 79! (21 points more than the next player). Tom Goguen has been a staple for the Usual Suspects defense while also contributing offensively.

The top mentor team has been Mentor Zellyer. The two CELL veterans, Hayden Zeller & Jon Cayer, bring a type of leadership that is tough to find. The remaining 7 teams are all currently under .500 but that doesn’t mean they are out of the championship hunt. Mentor Morgan, Mentor Souza, & Mentor Alfano are all neck and neck, with 5-7 records. Mentor Morgan is led by two very silky attackman, Dylan Morgan & Paul D’eramo, and by two solid netminders on the back end, Dom Pasquale & Aidan Walsh. Mentor Souza has been led in scoring by two new Clams, Cam Maki & Parker Greene, who complement each other very well and have accounted for several highlight goals. Mentor Alfano has a three headed monster offensively between Matt Park, John Alfano, & Joe Lombardi – the three have developed some awesome chemistry in a very short period of time.

With ten out of twelves teams making the playoffs, there will be a battle over these next couple weeks for the final two playoff spots. Mentor Donahue, Mentor Jackson, Mentor Bouvstein, and Mentor Currivan are the four teams fighting for the last two spots. All four teams will rely on their Mentors and older players but the difference will come down to which teams’ younger players can step up and make a difference. Mentor Donahue will need guys like Parker Collins & Malcolm Steegstra to continue putting the ball in the net and setting up teammates. Mentor Currivan has some lethal weapons on offense but they will need outstanding goalie play from Logan Reed & Evan Hauck to get into the playoffs. Mentor Jackson has a trio of Concord-Carlisle guys that have gelled very well together and will be leaned on in Ben O’Rourke, Teddy O’Rourke & Conor Trant. Mentor Bouvstein has a very talented roster on paper, their issue has been attendance, so if they can manage to show on Sundays, they should be a threat to anyone, including the teams at the top of the standings. All in all, the first four weeks of CELL have set up for a very intriguing final four weeks of CELL and at this point it is extremely difficult to predict an eventual champion.

Below is a list of the scoring leaders thus far!

Dylan Brown– Usual Suspects, 65 G, 14 A, 79 P

Colin Eaton– Winged River, 43 G. 15 A, 58 P

John Alfano– Mentor Alfano, 37 G, 14 A, 51 P

Matt Park– Mentor Alfano, 37 G, 11 A, 48 P

Dan Delaus– SJP, 40 G, 7 A, 47 A

Shaun Padden– Mentor Zellyer, 40 G, 5 A, 45 P

Jon Byrne– AB, 28 G, 13 A, 41 P

Chad Palumbo– Mentor Donahue, 24 G, 16 A, 40 P

Zachary Volinsky– AB, 34 G, 5 A, 39 P

Connor Trant– Mentor Jackson, 26 G, 11 A, 37 P

Dylan Morgan– Mentor Morgan, 29 G, 8 A, 37 P

Pat Atkins– SJP, 19 G, 17 A, 36 P

Nick Bell– Winged River, 19 G, 17 A, 36 P

Brendan Poirier– Winged River, 26 G, 10 A, 36 P

Jon Bouvier– Mentor Bouvstein, 27 G, 7 A, 36 P

Tyler Clayton– AB, 26 G, 9 A, 35 P

Brian Souza– SJP, 30 G, 3 A, 33 P

Ben O’Rourke– Mentor Jackson, 23 G, 10 A, 33 P

Teddy O’Rourke– Mentor Jackson, 26 G, 5 A, 31 P

John Goguen– Usual Suspects, 19 G, 12 A, 31 P