Championships and Playoff Runs for All!

This past weekend was by far the program’s best of the summer. Consider these facts:

* At 22-7, the program won more than 3x as many games as they lost.
* Of the six Clam teams competing, two won Championships, one advanced to a Championship game, and two more advanced to semi-final rounds.
* The program won five one-goal games, while losing just one by that margin (one of the one-goal wins was in a Championship game, and another in a playoff game)
* The program won four two-goal game, while losing just two (one of the two goals win was in a Championship).
* With an eye to the future, both Littleneck 2023 teams, who will be Clams come fall, won their Championships at their event as well.

I’ve been saying this all summer. The month of June in the Clam program is one where we’re sort of playing with a hand tied behind our back. Without the many very talented public school Clams who are still in school and in many cases competing in MIAA playoffs, we go out and fight hard in an undermanned state. And throughout June, we came very close to beating some very good programs, and managed to beat some very good ones as well.

In July, we’re a more complete squad, and it really starts to show.

That said, turnarounds like the one we’re experiencing are unusual by Clam standards. In short, we’re starting to really roll, and it couldn’t be happening at a better time!

The upcoming NLF tournament will give us all we can handle. But from a personnel perspective, we’re ready. On behalf of the Clam coaching staff and the entire program, we’re hoping – and expecting – to finish this season off on the right foot, just as we’ve been doing over the course of the month of July!


Team Record: 2-2

Games Scores:

W: Fighting Clams 2020 11-6 FL Swashbucklers 2020

L: Fighting Clams 2020 9-7 South Shore 2020

L: Fighting Clams 2020 8-4 LI Sting 2020

W: Fighting Clams 2020 9-5 PA Roughriders 2020

Game of the event: The opening game against the FL Swashbucklers was by far the best this group played. With a mix of 2020’s, 2021’s and 2022’s on this roster playing against all 2020’s it was awesome to see how fast we came out of the gate. 2022 attackman, Nick Bell (Rivers), took advantage of this opportunity to play up against a national event and scored 3 impressive goals. Two 2021’s joined in on the scoring making the most of their opportunity to play with the 2020’s as well. Daniel Jones (Aquinas College UK) and Pat Atkins (St. John’s Prep) each tallied two points to help this roster earn a nice victory to kick things off at the Philly Summer Invitational.

Top Players Identified by Their Coaches:

Nick Bell- Attack (Rivers)

Jackson Klein- LSM (St. John’s Prep)

Jackson Hammersley- LSM (Lynnfield)

Pat Atkins- Midfield (St. John’s Prep)

Daniel Jones- Midfield (Aquinas College UK)

Name School Goals Assists Points
Nick Bell Rivers 5 2 7
Daniel Jones Aquinas College UK 3 2 5
Pat Atkins St. John’s Prep 3 2 5
Aidan Chitkara Wayland HS 3 2 5
Brady Chitkara Belmont Hill 4 0 4
Liam Tasker Middlsex 4 0 4
Jackson Hammersley Lynnfield 3 0 3
Jon Bouvier St. John’s HS 0 3 3
Connor Mulvaney Holliston 3 0 3
Christian Willett Duxbury 2 1 3
Zach DiMuccio La Salle 0 2 2
Jackson Klein St. John’s Prep 0 1 0
Name School F/O %
Austin Colby Gould 56 %
Graham Ray Algonquin 55 %
Name School Save %
Mike Nassif Milbrook 54 %
Charlie Paras Brooks 52 %


Team Record: 4-2

Games Scores:

L: Fighting Clams 2021 6-4 Predators 2021

W: Fighting Clams 2021 7-2 Empire 2021

W: Fighting Clams 2021 8-4 Freedom 2021

W: Fighting Clams 2021 7-4 MD Roughriders 2021

W: Fighting Clams 2021 6-5 ADVNC 6-5

L: Fighting Clams 2021 9-8 Carolina 24/7 Red 2021

Game of the event: The quarterfinal playoff win against a strong ADVNC team out of California was arguably the best game of the summer for this group let alone the event itself. On the backs of strong faceoff play and a phenomenal defensive effort, the 2021 Clams team found a way to advance to the Semifinals by a score of 6-5.  Offensively, Tim Blue scored two huge goals including the game winner late in the 4th quarter to secure the victory.

Top Players Identified by Their Coaches:

Tim Blue- Attack (St. Sebastian’s)

Joey Kraft- Attack (Rivers)

Jimmy Gibbons- Midfield (Winchester)

Graham Tyson- FO Midfield (St. John’s Prep)

Matt Park- Midfield (BC High)

Michael Marinello- Goalie (Belmont Hill)

Gregg Dennison- Defense (Rivers)

Jimmy Freehill- Defense (St. Sebastian’s)

Name School Goals Assists Points
Tim Blue St. Sebastian’s 9 2 11
Joey Kraft Rivers 2 8 10
Teddy Lisa Philips Exeter 8 0 8
Pressly Mead Westford 5 2 7
Jimmy Gibbons Winchester 3 2 5
Graham Tyson St. John’s Prep 3 1 4
Chris Carreras Algonquin 2 1 3
Matt Park BC High 2 1 3
Liam Alley Middlesex 1 1 2
Charlie Alfieri Dover-Sherborn 0 2 2
Jon Cayer Arlington 2 0 2
Gregg Dennison Rivers 0 1 1
Jimmy Freehill St. Sebastian’s 0 0 1
Emmett Lyne Wellesley 1 0 1
Malcolm Steegstra Proctor 1 0 1
Name School F/O %
Graham Tyson St. John’s Prep 80 %
Luke Curtin Belmont Hill 35 %
Name School Save %
Michael Marinello Belmont Hill 77 %
Ryan Skripps Rivers 63 %

Trilogy @ Bryant:


Team Record: 3-2

Games Scores:

W: Fighting Clams 2020/2021 7-0 MXB 2020 Navy

W: Fighting Clams 2020/2021 8-1 True Michigan 2020 AA

L: Fighting Clams 2020/2021 6-1 Seven Hills 2020 White

L: Fighting Clams 2020/2021 5-1 Seven Hills 2020 White

W: Fighting Clams 2020/2021 8-7 3D Bears 2020

Game of the event: The final game of the event was a big-time bright spot for this group of blended Clams in the 2020 and 2021 classes. Against a regional opponent, 3D Bears, it is always a bit easier to get the juices flowing and it was ever so apparent that was the case for this matchup. Dylan Morgan (Ashland) was shot out of a cannon it seemed, scoring the first 3 goals for the Clams and his teammates followed his lead and matched his energy. Rocco DeSimone (East Catholic) was tremendous at the faceoff x constantly scrapping for possessions which resulted in timely offense for the Clams.

Top Players Identified by Their Coaches:

Peter Cook- Attack (Concord-Carlisle)

Cam Barisano- Midfield (Westford/Fairfield)

Matthew Constantino- (Brooks/St. Michael’s)

Matthew Petitto- (Wakefield)

Dylan Morgan- Attack (Ashland)

Name School Goals Assists Points
Matt Curran Westford 5 4 9
Dylan Morgan Ashland 5 0 5
Dom Scordino St. Sebastian’s 2 3 5
Cam Barisano Westford/Fairfield 3 1 4
Zach Auble Burlington 0 4 4
Josiah Brown St. John’s Prep 3 0 3
Matt Petitto Wakefield 2 0 2
Jason Werrick Lawrence 2 0 2
Matt Constantino Brooks/St. Michael’s 1 0 1
Jed Hoggard Acton-Boxboro 1 0 1
Name School F/O %
Rocco DeSimone East Catholic 48%
Name School Save %
Chris Meinhold Acton-Boxboro 67%
Connor Nydegger Bridgewater-Raynham 52 %


Team Record: 5-0 ( Tournament Champions)

Games Scores:

W: Fighting Clams 2021 6-3 Garden State Lax Academy 2021

W: Fighting Clams 2021 6-2 RI Bulldogs 2021

W: Fighting Clams 2021 5-4 True Michigan AA 2021

W: Fighting Clams 2021 8-3 Garden State Lax Academy 2021

W: Fighting Clams 2021 6-4 True Michigan AA 2021

Game of the event: The championship game in the 2021 top division at the Trilogy event came down to two teams who matched up in pool play in what was a one goal game that went in favor of the Clams. The rematch played out extremely similar, The Clams took a 4-2 lead into the half after a sensational half from goalie Chris Perri (Newton-North), who made a remarkable 7 saves on the 9 shots he saw. The offense was extremely balanced with 7 separate Clams tallying at least one point. Flory McCarthy (Acton-Boxboro) was the only Clam to register more than one point, finishing with two assists in the championship game. The 2021 Clams won the event with a total team effort and some excellent end of game IQ by a final score of 6-4.

Top Players Identified by Their Coaches:

Paul D’Eramo- Attack (Burlington)

Nick Campagnone- Attack (East Catholic)

Remi Creighton- Midfield (Oliver Ames)

Emmett Schillinger- Defense (St. John’s Prep)

Sean Henderson- Goalie (Lawrence)

Chris Perri- Goalie (Newton North)

Name School Goals Assists Points
Paul D’Eramo Burlington 8 2 10
Nick Campagnone East Catholic 8 1 9
Thomas Skolnick Belmont 3 4 7
Ty Allen Westborough 4 2 6
Flory McCarthy Acton-Boxboro 2 3 5
Ben O’Rourke Concord-Carlisle 2 1 3
Teddy O’Rourke Concord-Carlisle 1 1 2
Michael Lee St. Sebastian’s 1 1 2
Remi Creighton Oliver Ames 2 0 2
Grady St. John Holliston 0 1 1
Name School F/O %
Will Munroe Wayland 80 %
Aidan Young Maynard 48 %
Name School Save %
Chris Perri Newton North 76 %
Sean Henderson Lawrence 72 %


Team Record: 5-0 ( Tournament Champions)

Games Scores:

W: Fighting Clams 2022 6-4 Brotherhood 2022

W: Fighting Clams 2022 7-5 RI Bulldogs 2022

W: Fighting Clams 2022 7-5 Harvest 2022

W: Fighting Clams 2022 12-4 True Michigan 2022 AA

W: Fighting Clams 2022 3-2 Harvest 2022

Game of the event: Normally we would say the game of the event would be the championship game especially when you win, however a come from behind second half victory against a regional opponent must one up that. The come from behind victory we are referring to is a 7-5 win against the Rhode Island Bulldogs. The 2022 Clams found themselves trailing at the half 5-3 nut the coaches made some adjustments and the players kept their composure and slowly clawed their way back into the game one play at a time. A tremendous second half performance in between the pipes from Peter Del Col (Nobles) really shifted the momentum into the Clams favor. The defense in front of Peter was stellar and the offense behind the midfield duo of Liam Falvey (Weston) & Jack Taylor (Lawrence) was nearly perfect in the second half. Some would say the momentum and confidence gained from this win was enough to fuel the 2022 Clams to a Trilogy Championship.

Top Players Identified by Their Coaches:

Hudson Durant- Attack (Pingree)

Parker Collins- Attack (Roxbury Latin)

Liam Falvey- Midfield (Weston)

Jack Fates- Midfield (Philips Andover)

Jack Taylor- Midfield (Lawrence)

Aidan Walsh- FO Midfield (Nashua South)

Tom Goguen- LSM (Belmont Hill)

Peter Del Col- Goalie (Nobles)

Name School Goals Assists Points
Hudson Durant Pingree 2 6 8
Jack Taylor Lawrence 6 1 7
Parker Collins Roxbury Latin 4 1 5
Jack Fates Philips Andover 5 0 5
Joe Lombardi Holliston 3 2 5
Liam Falvey Weston 3 1 4
Brady Martin Winchester 4 0 4
Rex Mabbs Middlesex 2 1 3
Brendan Poirier AMSA 2 0 2
Jack Henderson Belmont Hill 1 0 1
John Goguen Belmont Hill 0 1 1
Tom Goguen Belmont Hill 1 0 1
Jack Lefebvre Rivers 0 1 1
Thomas Michaud Tyngsboro 1 0 1
Grant Regan-Loomis Rivers 0 1 1
Name School F/O %
Aidan Walsh Nashua South 66 %
Name School Save %
Peter Del Col Nobles 67 %
Carter O’Brien Concord-Carlisle 50 %