Clam begin Fall 2019 with a Flourish

Mayflower Invitational & Battle at the Barracks

I’m a big fan of comparing and contrasting. In athletics, how can you not be? Nothing else shows with more clarity where a program is headed than doing exactly this. If you buy into this simple truth, then we as a program have the right to feel pretty darned good this week. I think it’s fair to say that we can also take a second to give a little back pat, then get right back to work.

This past weekend, the first of the fall, we won seven more games in total program-wide, and lost three fewer.

While we improved notably at both of our events, the improvement was more pronounced at the Mayflower Invitational Tournament, where our win pct. went from 53% to 86%. Our performance against national competition was very strong, and bodes very well for what’s to come for the remainder of fall.

But the Battle of the Barracks also presented quite a challenge for those in attendance. While we were successful program-wide, it was our youngest squads that surged the furthest. Advancing all the way to the Championship, the game ended knotted at 5, and it went to the always-polarizing Braveheart to find a winner (you either love this way of resolving ties, or you really don’t).

So we’re off and running. We got a great jump, no question. But one weekend does not a season make. Our coaches will do our very best to ensure that we finish the fall season in a similar manner as it was started. We know players and parent will do the same.


Year to year comparison
Clam Program Overall Record in Weekend #1 2018: 12-10-3
Clam Program Overall Record in Weekend #1 2019: 19-7-2

Clam Program Record @ Mayflower Invitational in 2018: 8-7
Clam Program Record @ Mayflower Invitational in 2019: 12-2-1

Clam Program Record @ UMASS Mid Fall Classic in 2018: 3-3-3
Clam Program Record @ Prime Time Battle of the Barracks in 2019: 7-5-1

Games of note

Fighting Clams 2020’s 7-5 win vs. Everest Academy, a team that had not lost all weekend, either in the previous day against a carefully picked All Star team, or in any of its Sunday games. Low on numbers, and with a few freshmen standing in, we left absolutely everything on the field en route to this hard-fought win.
Fighting Clams 2021’s 4-6 loss to 3d New England Red, an opponent ranked as high as #2 in the country in various polls
Fighting Clams 2022’s 6-5 win vs. FLG (NY), an opponent ranked as high as #46 in the country coming in various polls
Fighting Clams 2022’s 5-5 tie vs. 3d New England Red, an opponent ranked as high as #3 in the country coming in various polls
Fighting Clams 2023’s 4-3 tie vs. Piatelli Pioneers, an opponent that ended our Summer 2019, handing us a ten-goal loss in our final game of Summer 2019, a Championship matchup in Stowe VT.
Clams 2021/2022’s 6-6 tie vs. Penguins 2021, the hometown team of all juniors squared off against our mostly-sophomore team; playing with a chip on their shoulders, we were able to fight our way to an impressive tie
Clams 2023 5-6 OT C-Ship loss vs. CT Valley 2023 Blue, a team they’d beaten by two goals earlier by a final of 5-3, this one went the way of CT Valley’s top team of freshmen in the most exciting of ways.

Players of Note

We polled Clam coaches and, in the case of older players, college coaches. These were the players in each class identified as having stood out by at least one:

2021 Class – Attackman Emmett Lyne (Wellesley HS), Midfielder Zach Auble (Burlington HS), Goaltender Sean Henderson (Lawrence Academy), defenseman Keegan Palmer (Central Catholic), Attackman Daniel Addonizio (BB&N), midfielder Brian Gonsalves (Rivers), Defenseman Gregg Dennison (Rivers), Face-off Midfielder Graham Tyson (St. John’s Prep), Defenseman/LSM Michael Petitto (Wakefield HS), Defenseman Jack Kinsella (Blackstone Valley Tech)
2022 Class – Goaltender Owen Bewley (Pomfret), LSM Tom Goguen (Belmont Hill), Midfielder Jack Sullivan (Medfield HS), Defenseman Tate Seeman (Nobles), Attackman Chad Palumbo (Nobles), Midfielder Jack Taylor (Lawrence Academy), Midfielder Liam Baker (Xaverian), Defenseman Dante Strong (Lawrence), Attackman Jack Matthews (Acton-Boxboro HS), Attackman Josh Manickam (Tilton), Midfielder Alex Dixon (Lexington HS)
2023 Class – Midfielder John Goguen (Belmont Hill), Defenseman Cam Daly (Middlesex), Attackman/Midfielder Emmett Harris (Holderness), Attackman Cam Maki (Wachusett Regional), Eric Brooks (St. John’s Shrewsbury), Liam Flynn (Acton-Boxboro), Alecco Buendia (Lincoln-Sudbury), Attackman Griffin Bast (Hillside), Attackman Ryan Bouvier (St. John’s Shrewsbury), Midfielder Brogan Chitkara (Belmont Hill), F/O Midfielder Owen Johnston (Pomfret), Goaltender Jeb Slimbaugh (Duxbury HS), Midfielder Ryan Cho (Acton-Boxboro HS)

2020 Division 2021 Division2022 Division2023 Division
Total of 7 teams participating from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Florida and Canada Total of 14 teams participating from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Florida, New York and Colorado
Total of 14 teams participating from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Florida, New York, Connecticut and Colorado Total of 10 teams participating from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Florida, New York and Colorado
Undefeated teams: Fighting Clams (MA), Coyotes (MA) Undefeated teams: 3d New England (MA), FLG (NY), Laxachusetts Yellow (MA), Top Gun Clams (MA), 3d Gulf Coast
Undefeated teams: 3d New England (MA), 3d FLA, 3d Tri State (NY/CT/RI) Undefeated teams: 3d New England (MA), Top Gun Fighting Clams (MA)
Teams w/ Winning Record(s):
Everest Academy (CAN)
Teams w/ Winning Record(s): Top Gun Fighting Clams (MA) Teams w/ Winning Record(s): 3d Upstate (NY), 3d NE Blue (MA) Teams w/ Winning Record(s): Piatelli Central (MA)

Mayflower Invitational

Fighting Clams 2020 (3-0)

W 9-4 vs. NH Tomahawks 2020

W 7-6 vs. 3d NE Red 2020

W 7-5 vs. Everest Academy

Tommy MillerRivers/Villanova718
Tucker SpencerTP/Vermont617
Jack TheriaultNMH/Washington College516
Dylan BrownBH/Colorado College224
John AlfanoWestford/Ithaca213
Reese HornsteinSt. Mark’s/Conn. College112
Brian SouzaSJP/St. Lawrence101
Jackson KleinSJP/Furman011
Cam SouzaWakefield/Hartford011
NameSchoolSave %
Connor TheriaultNMH/Brown73 %
Pat ThomasGunnery/Furman55 %
NameSchoolFO Win %
Reese HornsteinSt. Mark’s/Conn. College71 %

Fighting Clams 2021 (2-1)

W 7-3 vs. Piatelli Central 2021

W 8-3 vs. 3d Colorado 2021

L 4-6 vs. 3d NE Red 2021

Dan AddonizioBB & N718
Joey KraftRivers235
Shaun PaddenXaverian/Quinnipiac303
Brian GonsalvesRivers123
Charlie AlfieriDover-Sherborn033
Teddy LisaPhillips Exeter202
Pressley MeadWestford202
Graham BradyActon-Boxboro101
Peter CookConcord-Carlisle011
Michael PetittoWakefield011
NameSchoolFO Win %
Graham TysonSJP73 %
NameSchoolSave %
Michael MarinelloBelmont Hill77 %
Ryan SkrippsBrewster59 %

Clams 2021 (3-0)

W 7-4 vs. 3d NE South 2021

W 9-6 vs. Ottawa Capitals 2021

W 6-5 vs NH Tomahawks Gold 2021

Paul D’eramoBurlington 268
Emmett LyneWellesley505
Tim BlueSt. Sebastian’s505
Malcolm SteegstraProctor314
Pat AtkinsSJP044
Ben O’RourkeConcord-Carlisle213
Matt ParkBC High101
Nick CampagnoneEast Catholic 101
Will MunroeSt. John’s HS101
NameSchoolFO Win %
Luke CurtinBelmont Hill79 %
Will MunroeWayland77 %
NameSchoolSave %
Sean HendersonLawrence Academy71 %
Dom PasqualeRivers43 %

Fighting Clams 2022 (1-1-1)

T 5-5 vs. 3d Red 2022

W 5-4 vs. FLG 2022

L 5-6 vs. 3d Colorado 2022

Chad PalumboNobles336
Colin EatonRivers213
Luke D’OrsiSt. Mark’s213
Anthony StillwellAlgonquin202
Rex MabbsMiddlesex202
Jack FatesPhillips Andover112
Jack TaylorLawrence112
Jack SullivanMedfield101
Tom GoguenBelmont Hill101
Hudson DurantPingree011
Liam FalveyWeston011
NameSchoolFO Win %
Jackson EhwaHolderness85 %
Graham RayAlgonquin68 %
NameSchoolSave %
Owen BewleyPomfret60 %
Peter Del ColNobles50 %

Fighting Clams 2023 (3-0)

W 4-3 vs. Piatelli Pioneer 2022

W 9-5 vs. 3d NE South 2022

W 12-2 vs. 3d Bears 2022

Cam MakiWachusett Regional426
Parker GreeneWachusett Regional156
Luke LoPrestiBelmont Hill235
John GoguenBelmont Hill404
Nick BeakeyRivers314
Jon ByrneActon-Boxboro224
Liam FlynnActon-Boxboro224
Nick MooreActon-Boxboro213
Chris MunroeWayland123
Emmett HarrisHolderness303
Josh Seiple Phillips Andover022
Ryan BlaggWestford022
Tyler BowdenGroton School022
Matt WingMiddlesex101
Eric BrooksSt. Johns HS101
Alecco BuendiaLincoln-Sudbury011
NameSchoolFO Win %
Eric BrooksSt. John’s HS74 %
Chris MunroeWayland52 %
NameSchoolSave %
Logan ReedLawrence Academy63 %
Matthew DeedyActon-Boxboro59 %

Battle at the Barracks

Clams 2020/2021 (1-2)

W 8-1 vs. ADK Mountainmen

L 3-7vs. Connecticut Valley 2020 Blue

L 3-6 vs Bridgton Academy

Ryan HeslinEast Catholic HS123
Jon CayerArlington303
Dylan MorganAshland/St Michael’s123
Ty AllenWestborough112
Frankie SoaresWilbraham Monson Academy101
Michael LeeSt. Sebastian’s101
Jackson HammersleyLynnfield/Bellarmine101
Remi CreightonOliver Ames101
Henry AntinoAlgonquin101
NameSchoolFO Win %
Jake DubielWakefield73 %
NameSchoolSave %
Chris PerriNewton North 69 %
Chris MeinholdActon-Boxboro/UMass Boston65 %

Clams 2021/2022 (1-1-1)

W 10-5 vs. Hawks 2021/22

L 4-5 vs. Connecticut Valley 2021 Blue

T 6-6 vs. Penguins 2021

Alex DixonLexington404
Fitz FrechetteSt. Paul’s 224
Parker CollinsRoxbury Latin224
Jack MatthewsActon-Boxboro HS123
Jack CunninghamLawrence213
Timmy KelleherBrooks123
Joe LombardiHolliston202
Thomas SkolnickBelmont202
Michael TylerDuxbury 101
Luca SteinertSt. Paul’s011
NameSchoolFO Win %
Fitz FrechetteSt. Paul’s67 %
Aidan WalshNashua South45 %
NameSchoolSave %
Ben GarozzoLincoln-Sudbury62 %
Davis LambertConcord-Carlisle60 %

Clams 2022/2023 (2-1)

W 6-1 vs. Buzzards 2022/23

W 9-3 vs. Maine Mussels Navy

L 5-7 vs. Seven Hills Blue

Max KosickiConcord-Carlisle505
Jack PoulinActon-Boxboro 325
Will SawyerSJP235
Liam BakerXaverian134
Cameron McGintyLawrence303
Jack LefebvreRivers202
Trey PennaBelmont Hill202
Thomas MichaudTyngsborough 112
Evan HartingActon-Boxboro 101
Ryan ChoActon-Boxboro1 01
Peter ShawWaltham011
NameSchoolFO Win %
Sam CaronLawrence70 %
Name SchoolSave %
Carter O’BrienConcord-Carlisle58 %
Griffin CaiozzoLunenburg51 %

Clams 2023 (3-1)

W 9-3 vs. Maine Mussels Blue

W 5-3 vs. Connecticut Valley 2023 Blue

W 8-0 vs. Seven Hills Grey

L 5-6 vs. Connecticut Valley 2023 Blue (Championship Game)

Ryan BouvierSt. John’s HS448
Griffin BastHillside School628
Brogan ChitkaraBelmont Hill336
Luke FremaultWestford336
Anthony PerroneSt. John’s HS314
Tim ConnorsAshland314
Jack OhanianConcord-Carlisle314
Tyler RobbinsBB & N314
Justin ArmataSJP112
Jack BoyleSt Sebastian’s022
NameSchoolFO Win %
Owen JohnstonPomfret59 %
NameSchoolSave %
Jeb SlimbaughDuxbury69 %
Kaiden JohnsonWakefield45 %