Clams Dominate Primetime Bulldog Brawl at Bryant


Team Record: 3-2-1 (Runner-Up)

Games Scores:

W: Fighting Clams 2020 8-5 4Leaf Army 2020

W: Fighting Clams 2020 13-1 NH Tomahawks Gold 2020

L: Fighting Clams 2020 11-1 Patriot Elite Green

T: Fighting Clams 2020 8-8 Phoenix 2020

W: Fighting Clams 2020 7-4 Phoenix 2020

L: Fighting Clams 2020 8-3 Patriot Elite Green (Championship Game)***

Game of the event: Against a strong Patriot Elite Green team, composed of New York’s Ward Melville high school players. The 2020’s lost to this “well-oiled machine” of a team twice. Patriot Elite’s players had clearly been playing together for a long period of time, and played together with the chemistry and cohesion of a school team after a full season rather than a club team still early in its summer. The 2020 Clam defense played a strong game, holding this aggressive and fast-paced offense to only 5 goals in the first half. However, the 2020 Clam squad managed to notch just three goals in the championship game. While the 8-3 final was not indicative of a particularly close game, it was an improvement over the 11-1 outcome in the first game. 

Moment of the event: In the semi-final game vs Phoenix 2020, close-defenseman Cam Souza (Wakefield) cleared the ball from the defensive end, running through attackmen and midfielders to take a step-down rip of a shot that was pivotal in propelling the 2020 Clams to a 7-4 victory. 

How will the team be remembered? This team was not the most skilled version of the Fighting Clams, yet this team still played a solid tournament. They were able to handle everyone except the tournament’s best team. The offense averaged 6.7 goals a game, scoring 40 goals in 6 games. Similarly, the defense averaged 6.2 goals against per game, letting in 37 goals in 6 games. Several college coaches were seen on the sidelines at every Clams 2020 game of this tournament, and that goes to show the talent that this squad possesses, and the must-watch reputation the Clam program still carries with it wherever it goes.

Some Top players Identified by Their Coaches:

Brian Souza- Attack (St. John’s Prep)

Connor Sullivan- Attack (Hopkinton/UMASS)

Will Mohr- Midfield (Shawnee Mission East)

Abe Dekin- Midfield (Rivers)

Austin Colby- F/O Midfield (Gould)

Jackson Klein- LSM (St. John’s Prep/Furman)

JJ Jablonowski- LSM (St. John’s HS/Skidmore)

Team Stats:

Name School Goals Assists Points
Josiah Brown St. John’s Prep 7 3 10
Eric Raguin Acton-Boxboro/Brown 5 4 9
Connor Sullivan Hopkinton/UMASS 8 0 8
Brian Souza St. John’s Prep 6 1 7
Christian Willett Duxbury 4 0 4
Will Mohr Shawnee Mission East 2 1 3
Carson Blackshaw Lawrence Academy 2 0 2
Abe Dekin Rivers 1 1 2
Loch Sheridan Marblehead 2 0 2
Cam Souza Wakefield/Hartford 1 0 1
Austin Colby Gould 1 0 1
Jackson Klein St. John’s Prep/Furman 1 0 1
Name School F/O %
Austin Colby Gould 65 %
Name School Save %
Charlie Paras Brooks 55 %
Chris Meinhold Acton-Boxboro 53 %


Team Record: 5-0 (Champions)

Games Scores:

W: Fighting Clams ‘20/21 9-4 CT Shoreline Sharks 2020

W: Fighting Clams ‘20/21 9-4 CT Oilers 2020

W: Fighting Clams ‘20/21 6-5 NS Snipers ‘20/21

W: Fighting Clams ‘20/21 7-2 RIP-IT Silverbacks

W: Fighting Clams ‘20/21 7-4 Penguins 2020 (Championship Game)***

Game of the Event: On early Sunday morning, the 2020/2021’s faced off against the Rip-It Silverbacks in the semi final match-up at the Bulldog Brawl. The Clams came out of the gates hot and rifled 7 goals into the back of net, while only allowing two. In the complete game played, the tone for the championship game was set.

Moment of the Event: The moment of the event was the Championship game, and the overwhelming pride the accompanies watching the 2020/2021’s win the tournament! As a team, they made tremendous progress throughout the weekend, and every game it was apparent we were getting sharper and sharper in all aspects of the game. We became smarter with the ball, Our goalies took command of defense, and our FOGOs dominated every face-off. What the Clams did in the Bulldog Brawl is the perfect example of the right way to play the game . 

How will the team be remembered? This 2020/2021 Clams team will be remembered for being a complete team the whole weekend. I thought they displayed what it took to be good teammates, listeners, and supporters, while also playing with a ton of energy and confidence. Every game was exciting to watch, and the Clams were able to take home a hard-earned, well deserved championship because of their efforts. 

Some Top players Identified by Their Coaches

Seth Bello- Attack (Holliston)

Pat Atkins- Midfield (St. John’s Prep)

Graham Ray- F/O Midfield (Algonquin)

Rocco DeSimone- F/O Midfield (East Catholic)

Nico Bowden- LSM (Groton School)

Jacob Wharton- Defense (St. John’s HS)

Jed Hoggard- LSM/Defense (Acton-Boxboro)

Team Stats:

Name School Goals Assists Points
Pat Atkins St. John’s Prep 5 4 9
Jason Werrick Lawrence Academy 6 2 8
Seth Bello Holliston 3 2 5
Nick Campagnone East Catholic 5 0 5
Zach Auble Burlington 4 0 4
Tommy Dekin Rivers 4 0 4
Emmett Lyne Wellesley 4 0 4
Paul D’Eramo Burlington 1 3 4
Zach Watson Pomfret 2 1 3
Henry Antino Algonquin 2 0 2
Matt Park BC High 1 1 2
Nico Bowden Groton School 1 0 1
Graham Ray Algonquin 1 0 1
Dante Strong Lawrence Academy 0 1 1
Name School F/O %
Graham Ray Algonquin 70 %
Rocco DeSimone East Catholic 68 %
Name School Save %
Sean Henderson Lawrence Academy 75 %
Dom Pasquale Nashua South 57 %


Team Record: 1-3

Games Scores:

L: Fighting Clams ‘21/22 8-5 NH Tomahawks 2021 Gold                  

W: Fighting Clams ‘21/22 10-1 CT Oilers 2021/2022

L: Fighting Clams ‘21/22 5-2 4Leaf Army 2021

L: Fighting Clams ‘21/22 4-1 Patriot Elite Gold

Game of the Event: Against a somewhat new opponent for the Fighting Clams, the Oilers from Connecticut, it was clear we were physically outmatched from the opening whistle. However, we certainly didn’t back down from the challenge. The big keys to success in this team’s big 10-0 win were faceoff control, quick transition play, and assisted goals. To put it simply, the 21/22’s purely dominated this one in all facets of the game. Shutting out an opponent is no easy task, and it’s especially hard to do when playing up an age bracket.

Moment of the event: After a commanding lead starting the second half up 6-0, the 21/22 Clams were not ready to pack up and leave. On the opening play of the second half, faceoff specialist Will Munroe (Wayland HS) won the ensuing faceoff for a fast break, hitting Grady Abban (Duxbury HS) for a quick lefty finish. This was Abban’s first of four crafty goals of the game, as he finished with 5 points (4,1). This goal was just the start of another dominant half for the Clams offense

How will this team be remembered?The somewhat disappointing 1-3 record at a local tournament doesn’t necessarily depict how the 21/22’s played. In this case, there were unlucky bounces that turned close games into close losses. For some of the 2022’s, this was one of the first tournaments playing higher level competition. Executing plays early in the game and until the last whistle was a lesson learned for this young bunch, and playing with determination and poise will go a long way. This group will look to bounce back much and display more consistent determination and focus come the Trilogy tournament in a few weeks

Some Top players Identified by Their Coaches:

Anthony Stillwell- Attack (Algonquin)

Trevor Brooks- LSM/Defense (St. John’s HS)

Jack Kinsella- Defense (Blackstone Valley)

Peter Bazos- Defense (Lawrence Academy)

Owen Bewley- Goalie (Pomfret)

Team Stats: Due to the team only having one goalie, stats were not kept thoroughly enough to post with sufficient accuracy.


Team Record: 3-2

Games Scores:

L: Fighting Clams 2022 8-6 3D Bears 2022   

W: Fighting Clams 2022 5-3 CT Valley 2022

W: Fighting Clams 2022 5-3 Coyotes 2022

W: Fighting Clams 2022 6-2 RIP-IT Moose

L: Fighting Clams 2022 8-6 Phoenix 2022

Game of the event: This team’s best game of the event was versus Rip It Moose in the 2022 semifinals. Rip It Moose came into the game with a pristine 4-0 record before dropping this huge contest to the Clams. The boys game out firing in this contest and battled hard for everything they earned. Up 4-0 at halftime, the Clams withstood a barrage of two quick goals to start the second half. Not to be denied, the Clams responded with four consecutive goals and put the game out of reach. It was a complete team effort and exemplified the best lacrosse of the tourney for this group. 

Moment of the event: The 2022 Clams were trailing CT Valley 3-1 in the second game of the tournament when Jack Matthews identified a favorable match up and made a sweeping dodge from the low, right wing and buried a goal that sparked the team for the rest of that game and set the tone for the next three games. 

How will the team be remembered? This group of 2022 Fighting Clams improved every game and came together as a team over the course of the tournament. They seemed to transition from freshman to sophomores this past weekend, recognizing that it was their responsibility to step up and be the guy. The defense played well as a unit and the offense moved the ball effectively. These boys represented the Fighting Clams program well and should be proud of their results. 

Some Top players Identified by Their Coaches:

Austin Fitts- Attack (Acton-Boxboro)

Jack Matthews- Attack (Acton-Boxboro)

Jack Ehrgott- Attack (Groton School)

Colin Sullivan- Midfield (St. John’s HS)

Thomas Michaud- Midfield (Tyngsboro)

Peter Gourdeau- Defense (Hamilton-Wenham)

Team Stats:

Name School Goals Assists Points
Colin Sullivan St. John’s HS 9 1 10
Jack Matthews Acton-Boxboro 4 3 7
Austin Fitts Acton-Boxboro 2 5 7
Jack Ehrgott Groton School 6 0 6
Jack Cunningham Lawrence Academy 3 2 5
Liam Baker Xaverian 1 2 3
Luke Letteri Concord-Carlisle 1 1 2
Thomas Michaud Tyngsboro 1 0 1
Ryan Lebrun Natick 0 1 0
Name School F/O %
Sam Caron Lawrence Academy 70 %
Pj O’Rourke Dexter 60 %
Name School Save %
Davis Lambert Concord-Carlisle 69 %
Aidan Peterson Westford 46 %