Clams Kickoff 2018 Summer at Adrenaline Platinum Cup


4-3 W vs. Predators (OT)

5-6 L vs. PA Roughriders

4-7 L vs. LI Outlaws

8-4 W vs. NXT 2020

12-1 W vs. Legacy Ravage

Adrenaline Stats:
Dylan Brown – 6 goals, 3 assists, 9 points
Jack Theriault – 5 goals, 5 points
Tommy Miller – 5 goals
Pat Murphy – 4 goals, 1 assist
Riley Van Duzer – 2 goals, 2 assists
Carter Hampson – 2 goals, 2 assists
Peter Kip – 2 goals, 1 assist
Antonio Topouzis – 1 goal, 2 assists
Jason Werrick – 1 goal
Tommy Dekin – 1 assist
Liam Tasker – 1 goal
Jimmy Freehill – 1 assist

Connor Theriault – 16 saves, 67% save pct.
Michael Nassif – 16 saves, 55% save pct.

Overview: This year, given the significant meaning of this summer for 2020’s, we’re focusing intently on improvement from the preceding summer. Other larger goals are embedded in this larger focus if we’re improving, we’ll be getting that much closer to playing the consistent, excellent lacrosse this team is capable of, and is at times displaying. But despite the outsized meaning of this summer on some levels, it also remains a stepping stone, and we have two more seasons after this one together as well. If we’re statistically improving, then it’s clear we’re on the right path to overall improvement. And we keep recognizing these improvements, it’s our belief that this will push us forward.

And by every measure, on weekend #1, we improved.

The record was the most obvious improvement from last year at this time, and it was subtle. This year’s 3-2 mark was an improvement upon last year’s 2-3 mark, albeit a modest one.

But digging deeper, it’s very obvious that the improvements were far more pronounced than the record suggests. Consider the following:

* In its five Adrenaline games, last year’s team scored 28 goals scored and had 45 goals against; this year, we scored 33 goals and allowed only 21.

* Last year, we lost to the Predators twice at events other than Adrenaline, 7-9 at 3d/FLG in November and 5-6 last July at the Philly Showcase in a playoff game. This year’s 4-3 OT victory was the first time we’ve beaten this program in any class in two years (we’re always close, but they almost always seem the get us in the end). We see the Predators again this weekend.

* Last year, we played NXT 2020 at Adrenaline, and were defeated 3-12; this year, we defeated NXT 2020 8-4

* Last year, we played Legacy Lacrosse at Adrenaline, and were defeated 6-12; this year, we defeated Legacy 12-1

While the offense was solid at Adrenaline this year, and improved as we went, it was the defense that made the most noticeable strides. While everyone on the defensive end played capably, defensemen Carter Hampson (Deerfield) and Jimmy Freehill (St. Sebastian’s) stood out. Both goalies played well enough to put the team in a position to win in each game, and from what we know of Connor Theriault (Northfield Mount Hermon) and Michael Nassif (Millbrook), they’re only going to get better as the summer progresses.

As is often the case in early summer, ball movement and comfort with sets prevented chemistry and cohesion a bit. But a nice coaching decision to change to a new offensive set to maximize players strengths after day one led to a very strong offensive day #2. Dylan Brown (Belmont Hill) led the charge at attack with a team-high 9 points, and Tommy Miller (Rivers) and Pat Murphy (Proctor) paced the offense with 5 points apiece.

Next weekend, we’ll be back at it at the North American Summer Lacrosse Invitational, at an event that by the looks of it may be even stronger than Adrenaline. We’ll be emailing this schedule shortly, but your class’s schedule includes our old friends the Predators, who will no doubt be seeking revenge, and the West Coast Starz, who I heard through the grapevine won our division last weekend at Adrenaline (though Tourney Machine hasn’t update, so I cannot confirm this).

All in all, good start last weekend. Let’s keep charging. Let’s keep improving.