Fall 2018 Recap: Class of 2020

Overall Record of teams with 2020’s on the roster: 16-12-5

Overall Record of team comprised entirely of 2020’s: 8-6-4

(Fighting Clam 2020 team at Primetime Fall Brawl where they went 2-0-1 and were Bracket Champions!)

(Fighting Clam 2019/2020 team at Mayflower Invitational went 3-0)

(Fighting Clam 2020 blended team at FLG in 3D where they finished 2-1)

(Fighting Clam 2020 team at UMASS Mid-Fall Classic where they finished 1-0-2)

*Note – every time teams consist of blended grad years, the Clam program places them in the older bracket

Players identified for excellence at multiple events by either Clams coaches, college coaches, or both:


Ryan Rahbany– Defense (Rivers)

Ryan excelled at one on one defense, and throughout the fall found himself matched up on the opposition’s best player; more often than not Ryan virtually erased whoever he was covering. A Mayflower individual event All Star, Rahbany was identified my multiple college coaches as one of the highest upside poles that they’d seen at the event where they saw him.

Jackson Klein- LSM (St. John’s Prep)

Jackson continues to improve in nearly every aspect of his game. He continued right where left off last summer, proving to be a proverbial vacuum on groundballs. Klein significantly aided our face off men with his outstanding wing play and physical disposition. Time and time again, Jackson was presented with the challenge of facing the other team’s top midfielder, and time and time again, he responded admirably.

Pat Thomas- Goalie (Gunnery)

Pat is a solid ball stopper who really popped this fall. Clam coaches and college coaches alike identified him as a high-level college prospect, consistently doing a tremendous job of making stops and passing the ball downfield the with both quickness and accuracy. This, in turn, allowed the 2020 class to be true to its nature and play the fast-paced style that suits them.

Michael Lampert- Attack (Wayland)

This was Michael’s first fall with the 2020. Usually it takes a bit of time for a player to adjust to new teammates and surroundings. However, this simply was not the case with Michael’s introduction to the 2020 class; cohesion and chemistry seemed to be there right from the outset. After earning All Star status at the Mayflower individual event, Michael immediately assumed the role of offensive quarterback with his new Clam team and did a tremendous job of getting his teammates involved. Michael’s 10 total assists were more than any other player in the program, and he amassed that total in just two tournaments.

Reese Hornstein- F/O (St. Mark’s)

Reese has always been the top 2020 faceoff man for the Clams, and we have always asked a tremendous amount of him. For the first time this fall, our program was able to find another complimentary face off man in the 2020 class to take some of the load off. Some players might be threatened by this, but Reese simply upped his game in response. His work ethic and attitude were great at each of his event, and his increased physical strength heightened his effectiveness. All in all, he really set the tone for all, including his new face off partner.

Von Mabbs– Midfield (St. Mark’s)

Von has always proven to be a very athletic midfielder who has a lot of raw potential. Coming off a strong summer season with the Clams, Von continued to blossom and turn his raw talent into bona-fide skill. His coaches simply raved about his offensive performance coming out of the fall. At each event he attended, coaches leaned on him as an initiator and a scorer. Von’s athleticism is accompanied by a very strong left-handed shot from the midfield as well as a rapidly evolving right-handed shot; all these, combined with his speed, strength and work ethic, make him arguably our most dangerous uncommitted scoring middie in the class.

Jon Bouvier- Attack (St. John’s)

Jon has always been a solid attackman, but this fall coaches saw him emerge as not just capable, but capable of excellence. Jon has a great feel for the game to go along with a high lacrosse IQ, making him a coach’s dream to have at attack. Rarely will he make a mistake, and with very few exceptions he’ll make the right play at just the right time. The highlight of Jon’s fall was likely his six-point, five assist performance at the ultra-competitive NALA Tournament (his five assists were a team-high).

Connor Sullivan- Attack (Hopkinton)

Before our team tournament season even began in November, Connor was turning numerous heads and gaining a lot of college coaches’ attention. His performance at the Mayflower Individual Showcase garnered him a well-earned spot in the All-Star Game. Connor has always been one of the Clams top 2020 attackman, and this fall was certainly no different, this despite the fact that he was coming off a summer-ending back injury. Connor ranked third among 2020 Clam attackman in terms of points, notching 11 goals and 2 assists for 13 points. As I write this, Connor is sitting on a couple D1 offers, and expecting a couple more; whoever gets him will not for a second regret it.

Jack Theriault- Attack (Northfield Mt. Hermon)

Jack was coming off a serious knee injury he sustained in June, and we were not sure if he would be 100% healthy going into the fall season. Jack was determined to not only come back and play this fall, but to be a serious contributor for whatever Clam team he played for. He not only contributed but excelled this fall, ranking first amongst 2020 Clam attackmen in terms of overall points. Jack tallied 11 goals and 4 assists for a very impressive 15 points in four events, including a jaw dropping seven point performance for his undefeated team at the Mayflower Invitational.

Jason Werrick– Attack (Lawrence Academy)

The Lawrence Academy product always seems to find himself among the top scoring 2020 Clam attackman at the end of each season. This fall season was no different, as he ranked fourth in the 2020 Clam class for scoring. But given the noticeable size and strength Jason added to his frame, and the increased variety of his goals scored, it sure felt different. Jason finished the fall with 12 points (9 g, 3 a) in just two events, leading his team’s attack scoring at each event. We anticipate the lefty attackman will have a very impactful spring season with Lawrence Academy, which we both hope and expect will carry over into the summer season with the Clams.

Zach Dimuccio- Midfield (La Salle Academy)

Zach joined the aforementioned Connor Sullivan, Michael Lampert and Ryan Rahbany (and soon-to-be mentioned JJ Jablonowski) as an All-Star at the Mayflower Individual event. Zach doesn’t always wow coaches with his goal scoring ability, but always wows them with his energy and non-stop motor he displays every time he plays. His energy is the contagious type, and his Clam teammates certainly feed off it. Known more as a defensive and transition midfielder, Zach showed his coaches this fall at the Philly Showcase that he has the ability to put the ball in the back of the net as well, scoring two goals and at times running the offense to near perfection.

John Alfano- Midfield (Westford Academy)

John is rangy lefty midfielder that seems to always be in the right spots at the right times. He gels well with a wide range of players and can be used in a number of ways in the offensive zone. On a team with some big personalities, John quietly does what’s asked of him, never displaying a moment’s hesitation as he does whatever little thing his team might need in a given point in time. At the Mayflower Invitational, John proved his versatility in the midfield, scoring 2 goals and adding an assist as well, but what was even more impressive was his propensity in a couple areas we don’t record statistically…ground balls and hustle plays. John played in two events on the fall, finishing with 3 goals and 1 assist for a total of 4 points, ranking fifth amongst 2020 Clam midfielders.

John Sveen- Midfield (Dover-Sherborn)

John had a very good fall and really stood out to his Clam coaches at each event he attended. He played in four events, the most a Clam player could participate in, and found the stat sheet in all four. John’s best event was FLG in 3D, where his coaches used him as an offensive midfielder as well as on wings and in defensive situations; in each area he excelled, displaying versatility and coachability in the process. John finished the fall tied for second in scoring in the 2020 Clam midfield class with 5 points (4 g, 1 a).

Tim Dowd- Midfield (Pingree)

Leading up to the Fall season, Tim was primarily used as a defensive midfielder in clearing situations. This fall, Tim took a big step in his development as a lacrosse player, adding an impressive offensive touch to his game. He has the frame and athleticism to be a force in the midfield, this much we’ve always known (frankly, it’s impossible to miss). But the first clear sign of his newfound offensive touch was at the Mayflower Invitational, where he led his team in scoring from the midfield with 3 goals and an assist. Tim’s commitment to football limited him to just two November events, but this didn’t keep him from being tied for most points amongst all 2020 Clam midfielders, finishing his fall with 6 points (5 g,1 a).

Tommy Miller- Midfield (Rivers/Villanova)

Tommy continued on his upward trajectory this fall with the Clams, grabbing some serious national attention in the process. The Villanova commit was identified and evaluated by someone from Inside Lacrosse, who gave Tommy a Recruiting Database ranking of 87, making him the top ranked midfield prospect in all of Massachusetts. At NALA, Tommy shined (IL saw it right), and in addition to drawing his high ranking, he was also mentioned as a standout in their coverage of the event. Tommy backed up the hype with his play, and finished the Fall with the Clams tied for the most points from a midfielder in the 2020 class with 6 points (4 g, 2 a), despite playing in just two events.

Carter Hampson- LSM (Deerfield)

Carter is a very well-rounded long stick midfielder who can also capably handle playing close defense when needed. This fall, Carter continued to impress Clam coaches and college coaches alike with his athleticism, size and skill. He does a solid job at one on one defending from the midfield, but where he really seems to excel is when the ball is on the ground. He has a tremendous ability to scoop a ball in traffic and uses his size and speed to get the ball to space. Carter is also quite proficient in the offensive end, and is not afraid to have the ball in his stick. At the Mayflower Invitational he showed his offensive skills, tallying a goal and an assist. Carter’s best event, however, was the Philly showcase, where Carter was recognized as an All-Star at their individual event.

Justin “JJ” Jablonowski- LSM (St. John’s)

Justin has a similar style of play to the aforementioned Carter Hampson, but has his own unique style that differs from Carter’s. According to the Clam coach who had him the most this fall, “JJ causes chaos and havoc whenever he is on the field”. These terms can have a negative connotation, but as an LSM, these are often the best terms one can be described as having. He has a knack for hunting opposing players in between the lines and an even better knack for catching his opponent and putting the ball on the ground. His Clam teammates seem to feed off this style of play as the team’s energy seems to ramp up whenever JJ is present. His best event this fall was the Mayflower Invitational. He was recognized as an All-Star at the Mayflower Individual event on Saturday, and continued to excel throughout the team event on Sunday, drawing praise from a few different college coaches afterward.