Fall 2018 Recap: Class of 2022

Fighting Clams 2022 at the NXT Philly Showcase

Fighting Clams 2021/2022 at Harvard

Fighting Clams 2022 at Mayflower
Fighting Clams 2021/2022 at Umass


Nick Bell (A/Rivers): Nick had the breakout fall that the Clam coaching staff expected from him going into his first season with the club. Emerging as a leader on this team very early, Nick was the go-to guy when this team needed a boost. Whether it was a big-time goal or a groundball on the ride, we could count on Nick to make a big play when we needed it. Nick has tremendous vision as a feeder, as well as a knack for getting to the goal for himself, which makes him a true dual threat at this level. 

Brian Delduchetto (D/Weston HS): Strong and steadfast, Brian rarely got beat during his freshman fall campaign with the Clams. Possessing a hulking frame for a freshman, Delduchetto uses his physical tools to hammer opposing attackman looking to push GLE for in tight opportunities.  Brian is what many would refer to as a throwback defenseman; big, strong and with a pronounced mean streak that opposing attackman do not want to test.  His footwork and defensive angles allow him to even cover the small and quick attackman.  Expect big things from this lockdown talent.

Cam Dick (D/Tyngsboro HS): Cam burst onto the fall circuit with a quiet confidence that made him look years beyond his freshman classification.  An athlete who performed well both at LSM and down low, Cam did a tremendous job getting the ball off the ground and creating transition opportunities. His speed in the open field makes him an intriguing prospect with the new collegiate rules.  The 2022 Clam coaching staff are very excited to see what a year of spring lacrosse will bring to Cam’s blossoming game.

Chad Palumbo (A/Nobles): Chad emerged as the scoring threat on this 22’ squad right out of the chute, notching a team-high 10 points at our first tournament this fall (his 10 points at Mayflower were actually more than any player on any team all fall). We were immediately impressed by Chad’s ability to get open off ball and his ability to finish plays on the left side. It’s not only Chad’s offensive prowess that makes him special though, he is a terror on the ride, and comes up with more 50/50 ground balls in the offensive end than most. We are very much looking forward to watching Chad and the aforementioned Nick Bell play together for the next three seasons. The attack tandem could emerge as one of the nation’s best in the ’22 class.

Tom Goguen (LSM/Belmont Hill):  A two sport standout who played limited fall lacrosse, Goguen stood out to his Clam coaches whenever he was present. A tall and rangy player, Goguen was dominate between the lines, causing chaos for opposing offenses he faced.  Tom has a knack for finding opportunities to aggressively take the ball and way, and does a wonderful job creating fast break offensive opportunities. He’s comfortable playing offense with his long pole, which is exactly what college coaches are looking for when recruiting an LSM.

Ben Garozzo (G/Lincoln-Sudbury): The top statistical goalie in the 2022 class, Garozzo was dominant at times during his first taste of high school lacrosse.  A pure ball stopper, Garozzo does everything he can to get a piece of anything that has a chance of lighting the lamp.  Stick, leg, chest, arm, foot…it just doesn’t matter; he’s willing and able to makes saves with every party of his body, frustrating shooters with his patience and poise in net. A tireless worker towards his craft, we are very excited to see what as spring of high school lacrosse will do for Ben’s overall game!

Brendan Poirier (M/AMSA):
 A new addition to the ‘22 team this fall, Brendan proved himself to be a true workhorse all over the field, and he did so immediately. Brendan plays both sides of the ball, and runs wings on face off’s, and he does all of these things exceptionally well. With his size and athleticism, he can beat just about anyone from the midfield. Once he gains a little fluidity and polish, Brendan could very well be one of the better true two-way middies this program has seen in some time. 

Jackson Ehwa (F-O M/ Shirley HS): Jackson has materialized into the top pure face off man in this ‘22 class after their first fall. We have seen Jackson work tirelessly on his craft, and it clearly paid off. He has tremendous hand speed, but also has the size and strength to win 50/50 face offs against just about anyone his age. We saw Jackson go up against some nationally relevant face off men this fall and he more than held his own. Jackson could be the piece to this 2022 puzzle that really puts them over the top if he continues to develop the way he has. We expect nothing less.

Liam Falvey (M/Weston): Despite playing limited action this fall, Liam made a real impression on the coaching staff, and has established himself as a top scoring threat from the midfield. A big, strong, athletic midfielder, Liam’s biggest strength is his power and accuracy shooting the ball. He has great form and brings the ball over the top, making his shots difficult for any goalie to track. A jackknife of sorts, Liam helped us on the defensive end of the field as well as at the face off X when needed.

Tate Seeman (D/Nobles): A reclassified defenseman who immediately stepped into a leadership role with the 2022’s. His pure size and strength are immediately noticed by opposing teams, but it his lacrosse IQ that makes him an even more dominant force.  Tate dominated key ground balls throughout the fall, as teams could not match his size and strength when he secured possession.  He also had a knack for creating quick doubles that led to many takeaways in unsettled and settled situations.

John Goguen (M/Belmont Hill): John had a great fall with the 22’s and the coaching staff is very excited to see how he develops going forward. John’s strength is that he has no weaknesses. A bit of a throwback player, John plays both sides of the ball and excels at both ends. Between his fantastic IQ and his natural speed, he is tough for most midfielders to keep up with on the offensive end. John is another player that calls his own number when the game is on the line, and that’s exactly what this ‘22 class needs.