Recruiting Roundup

Check out some Clams that are still in the process of figuring out what College is the right fit for them. Click on the players name to view their highlight tape!

D – Liam Alley (2021) – Middlesex

Liam is another member of a very strong defensive unit for the 2021 Fighting Clams squad. A fundamentally, sound defender, Liam can match up with almost any type of attackman. He has good lateral quickness to go along with a strong base and core. His high lax IQ helps him disct opposing offenses and communicates well to his defensive unit.

D – Emmett Schillinger (2021) – St. John’s Prep

Emmett comes from the SJP defensive pipeline that has churned out numerous successful players at the collegiate level. A very coach-able player, Emmett is like a sponge and seems to get better each time he steps on the field. Great at groundballs, he excels when the ball hits the ground. A solid 1v1 defender that continues to improve and whose ceiling is however high he wants to make it.

M – Matt Park (2021) – BC High

Matt is an explosive midfielder who can do a lot at both ends of the field. A tremendous athlete that can cause his own offense as well as create for others. However, the transition game is where he shines and often times shows off his extremely high lax IQ making the smart play.

A – Nick Campagnone (2021) – East Catholic

Nick is a super athletic attackman who ultimately could transition to the midfield at the next level. Superior speed and toughness, he can take a beating from opposing teams on his way to putting the ball in the back of the cage. Great vision and solid lacrosse IQ, Nick has high upside and a tremendous amount of potential at the next level.

A – Graham Brady (2021) – Acton-Boxboro

Graham is a slick, crafty, left handed attack that plays with an edge that fuels the offense and entire team at times. He plays with a non-stop motor that is evident by the way he rides. His energy and attitude is contagious, not to mention his high lacrosse IQ helps him be in the right place at the right times.

M – Brian Gonsalves (2021) – Rivers

Brian is one of the newer members of the 2021 squad but he instantly made them better upon his arrival. A true two way midfielder, excels at both ends of the field and thrives in between the restraining lines. A crafty left handed dodger that uses his body to shield defenders from the ball very well.

A – Tim Blue (2021) – St. Sebastian’s

Tim is a right handed shooter who can blast the ball by goalies with ease. A danger when his hands are free from distance, Tim also has the craftiness to finish in tight as well. Soft hands with a strong base, he can be difficult to stop from getting to his spot.

A – Joey Kraft (2021) – Rivers

Joey is one of the smarter attackman in the 2021 class. He is consistently getting his teammates into the right spots to initiate the offense. Craftiness and soft hands allow him to handle and finish with ease in tight. A very unselfish player, he uses his superior vision to find the open man and always seems to make the extra pass. – 4/17/2020

M – Shane Kilkelly (2021) – Oliver Ames

Shane is a crafty, left handed player that has one of the purest shooting strokes in the 2021 class. A tough, gritty, and fearless midfielder never shy’s away from getting to the middle of the field. Teammates feed off of his ferocity and tenacious style of play. Shane missed the past season due to injury but we cannot wait to see him back on the circuit buzzing around! – 4/14/2020

A – Daniel Addonizio (2021) – BB&N

Daniel is one of the top facilitators and playmakers in the 2021 class for the Fighting Clams. Always seems to make the right play and does a great job of distributing the ball to teammates. His lax IQ is what really separates him from other attack and makes him an extension of the coaches on the field. – 4/12/2020

D – Hugh Curran (2021) – Needham

Hugh is a lefty who causes problems for opposing attackmen. At Needham HS he draws the top attack in every game, showing the confidence his coaches and teammates have in him. A very heady defenseman, Hugh plays with an extremely high lacrosse IQ and a motor that rarely stops. A pleasure to coach and play with. – 4/10/2020

G – Ryan Skripps (2021) – Brewster

Ryan is one of the top goalies in the 2021 class. He has all the tools to be a great goalie at the collegiate level. His size allows him to take up a good portion of the cage. His lightning quick hands and reactions make up for his unorthodox style of play. Ryan loves to bait shooters to shoot for the top part of the cage and he explodes to make the save more times than not. – 4/08/2020

G – Michael Marinello (2021) – Belmont Hill

Michael sees the ball extremely well from distance as well has quick hands to make the door step saves in tight. Stick side shots are often gobbled up and turned into transition going the other way with his quick outlets. One of the Fighting Clams top goalies in the 2021 class – 4/03/2020

M – Pressly Mead (2021) – Westford Academy**

Pressly is a big, physical, imposing midfielder who has some serious pop on his outside shot. Dangerous presence when given time and room. Opposing teams are in trouble if they let him get downhill and get his hands free. – 3/31/2020

**Committed to Sacred Heart University 04/06/2020. Click here to read his story.

M – Jimmy Gibbons (2021) – Winchester**

**Committed to the admissions process at Skidmore 03/31/2020. Click here to read his story.

A – Paul D’Eramo (2021) – Burlington**

**Committed to the University of Tampa 03/27/2020. Click here to read his story.

LSM/D – Michael Petitto (2021) – Wakefield**

**Committed to Sacred Heart University 03/26/2020. Click here to read his story.

FO – Luke Curtin (2021) – Belmont Hill**

**Committed to the admissions process at Skidmore 03/24/2020. Click here to read his story.

LSM/D – Matthew Petitto (2021) – Wakefield**

**Committed to Umass Amherst 03/23/2020. Click here to read his story.