Clam Elite Lacrosse League

JOIN C.e.l.l.

As a high school athlete, there are two ways you can join C.E.L.L:

  • Free Agent

    Free Agent: Through a coach’s referral or through approval from the league, individual players can sign up to be a “free agent” in the league. Free agents are usually placed onto a team with other free agents.

  • Team Sign up

    With approval of the league, you and players from your town/school can enter a full team into the league. Teams must have a minimum of 12 players, including a goalie. Team “captains” (not necessarily the actual captain of your high school team) can submit a request to be in the league by emailing us at

If you would like to sign up as either a free agent or team member, please use the link below to register.

**IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN CELL AS A WAY TO BE EVALUATED FOR THE FIGHTING CLAMS, PLEASE USE THE DISCOUNT CODE "CELLTryout!" during your registration. It will save you 20% on your first season of CELL!**

If you have any questions, please email us at