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PT Shootout Recap

This past weekend, the Top Gun Clams and Littlenecks competed at the Primetime Shootout in Lancaster, MA


Overall Program Record: 32-20-2

~~Clams: 18-7~~

~~Littlenecks: 14-13-2~~


** The 2022 Fighting Clams and 2023 Fighting Clams were both able to capture the championships in the Elite bracket of their age group!**


Check out the links below for scores and stats for each team

*Stats may not be 100% accurate. We do our best!*

Fighting Clams 2022

Fighting Clams 2023

Clams 2022/2023

Fighting Clams 2024

Clams 2024

Littlenecks 2025 AA

Littlenecks 2025 A

Littlenecks 2026 AA 

Littlenecks 2026 A

Littlenecks 2027 AA

Littlenecks 2027 A

Littlenecks 2028