Top Gun Littlenecks Parent & Player Agreement


We, the player and parent(s), agree to conduct ourselves in a responsible and socially acceptable manner and understand that a failure to do so can result in our immediate expulsion from the program without refund. I understand that because event fees, uniforms and other club-related expenses can be paid for well in advance, and nearly all have no-refund policies of their own, all Littlenecks membership and tournament fees are non-refundable, including but not limited to the case of illness or injury or in the event of a resurgence of the pandemic and related governmental restrictions on youth sporting activities or clubs. In the event of such resurgence or renewed restrictions, I understand that events and practices may be rescheduled, or alternate lacrosse activities and training may be implemented. I understand it is my responsibility to provide a facemask and hand sanitizer for my son for all events and activities, that I am responsible to make sure my son wears his facemask when required by law or at the coach’s direction, and that participating in youth sporting activities and clubs may nevertheless increase the likelihood of exposure to the pandemic virus. I understand that playing lacrosse can be a physical and dangerous activity. To the fullest extent of the law, I release Top Gun Littlenecks LLC, their directors, coaches and players, and practice facilities leased by Top Gun Littlenecks LLC from all liability associated with my son’s participation, including for illness associated with the current pandemic.