Littleneck Elite Lacrosse League

Join L.e.l.l.

As a an athlete not yet in high school, there are two ways you can join L.E.L.L:

  • Free Agent

    Through a coach’s referral or through approval from the league, individual players can sign up to be a “free agent” in the league. Free agents are usually placed onto a team with other free agents. If you are interested in being a free agent, please consider the following options:

    A referral from your club or high school coach can be sent to

    You can submit film or a highlight tape to

  • Team Sign up

    With the approval of the league, you and players from your town program or school can enter a full team into the league. We are always looking for young, talented, and hungry players to join the league. If you have some interest from other players in your town or your friends, reach out to us and we will find a way to get your team into the league!

If you have any questions, please email us at