Littlenecks News

Week 1 stats for the Spring League

This past weekend the Littlenecks kicked off their spring season with the first week of play in our Spring League. Please click here (link to table with stats) for all of the statistics. Here are our 5 stars for each team based on their performances this past Saturday.


  • Andrew Coffey (D)
  • Eric Palmer (A)
  • Jack O’Connor (A)
  • Joseph Raeke (G)
  • Mack VInton (D)


  • Chase Courtemanche (FO/M)
  • Carl Hyman (FO/M)
  • Luke Morin (D)
  • Cody Philpott (G)
  • Freddy Torcasio (A)


  • Thomas Anderson (LSM)
  • Will Batchelor (A)
  • Owen Beauvais (M)
  • Tommy Meany (G)
  • Tucker Hartman (FO/M)