Winter CELL 2022

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  • Games are 25 minutes, running time.
  • If the margin is 2 goals or less, the clock will stop & start on the whistle in the last 2 minutes.
  • Faceoffs will take place to start the game and at the beginning of an overtime period.
  • After a goal, the goaltender will restart with the ball
  • If the margin is 5 goals or more, the team with the lower score begins with possession after every goal.
  • In the last two minutes, the team with the lead cannot carry or pass the ball backcourt after gaining the midline.
  • Each team gets one 60-second timeout per game that can be used at any time.
  • Each team has six field players and one goaltender. Of the field players, up to two can have a longpole.
  • All personal fouls and technical fouls will be one minute. There are no 30-second fouls.
  • Egregious fouls like fighting, hits to the head/neck and boarding will be multiple-minute fouls, and can result in ejection.
  • Any player who accumulates five minutes in fouls will be ‘fouled out’.
  • If a team only has one goalie and he gets a penalty, his teammate can serve his penalty.
  • Each team must always have at least one player in their offensive end.
  • Each team must always have at least two players in their defensive end – usually the goaltender & one longpole.
  • A player coming onto the field should not play the ball, or play an opponent, until his teammate is off the court.
  • Upon gaining control of the ball in the defensive end, you have 10 seconds to get the ball over the midline.
  • The ball is considered “out of bounds” only if it’s lost over the boards or glass or touches a player on the bench.
  • A forfeit can affect that team’s playoff eligibility.
  • Two Forfeits eliminates that team from the playoffs, and may result in immediately removal from the schedule.
  • Forfeits happen in two ways and will be scored 1-0.
    • A team does not have at least six field players and a goaltender to start the game = forfeit
    • A team allows a player to play that is not on their CELL roster = forfeit
  • Diving is allowed. Ball must be in net before he touches crease. He cannot contact goaltender or goal.
  • Diving shooter cannot dive toward the mouth of the goal.
  • Any and all issues not covered here will be handled at the discretion of officials and CELL management.